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Your Summer Solstice Blessing

 Here’s a blessing for you this powerful day! (Click on the picture below to see)



 Now go get your Divine ON!




14 thoughts on “Your Summer Solstice Blessing”

  1. You are beautiful – thank you for this. I am always putting off doing live videos. Not the right background – I look too stiff – should I wear my glasses. The list goes on and on – so I love what you have done – thank you

  2. Beverly Stickley

    Loved it!!! It was warm, energetic and inspiring <3 What a wonderful way to start the summer! I will begin to connect more with my target audience this summer. Thank you Anne and I look forward to more videos!

    1. Oh, Beverly, thank you. What a beautiful comment. I so appreciate that! (These comments are inspiring me to do more, so thank YOU!) xoxoxox

  3. Hi Anne,

    I love your video and I thank you for the summer solstice blessing. You are a natural in front of the camera … no need to put it off any longer. You looked beautiful and you have so much to offer and I am glad that you are doing it.

    I am in Canada right now and will be in Florida again and will call you. We still have a lunch pending.


  4. Hi Anne, your video is a wonderful blessing! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful soul with the world, and thank you so much for our conversation yesterday. I’ve actually had some incredible intuitive breakthroughs in the last 24 hours, and I know it was because of the things you shed light on yesterday. That lighthouse isn’t looking nearly so lonely today, and her light is keeping more of the fog (overwhelmed confusion) at bay. 🙂

    Angel Blessings,


    1. Hi, Sheri –

      Oh, how wonderful! I’m so happy to hear that! Thank you for letting me know that you’ve had some incredible breakthroughs from our session. (Ignite Your Divine Business, for anyone wondering “HUH?”) 🙂 So wonderful… Keep that light shining’ girlfriend!

      Big hugs,


  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful video. you are truly beautiful inside & on the outside. I do feel very blessed. I am glad that you were a part of the Healthy,Wealthy & Wise event.

    1. Oh, Pat, thank you so much! What a beautiful thing to say! It’s wonderful to meet you, and I’m so glad you were participating in that JV giveaway! Now I get to have the opportunity to get to know you a little better. (yay!)

      Big hugs, Anne

  6. Rev. Anne,
    Thanks so much for the summer solstice blessing. I’ve never received one before, so thank you. You look beautiful and so peaceful in your video. Very inspiring. Thanks!

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