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I closed my first $10,000 client!

MandeWhiteNewRecently I had a day where I just could barely face the phone and make sales calls (even though I really wanted more clients).  Anne helped me recently with my strategy sessions, and then shared her Successful Sacred Sales Conversations audio.  I decided to listen to it to help me get ready for my calls.

On the very next call, I closed a $10,000 client who excitedly stepped up to work with me and paid in full! What makes this particularly stunning is that I hadn't had a successful close like this in months, even with a good number of calls!   

I have a six-figure business and a lot of that has to do with Anne helping me to tap into what already what I have inside that makes me be successful.  She just helped me find it.  If you want a coach who can help you break through the conversations in your head, Anne is amazing! 

Mande White, MBA

AIngaKrastinafter being in the Divine Business Club for about six months, I had a Divinely Intuitive™Business Reading with Anne.  It was then that I knew that I really wanted to work with Anne on much deeper level.  So I signed up to work with her as a Divine Diamond client.  

To begin with, I am amazed by my inner changes. I totally trust Anne and know that following her guidelines and doing the “stuff” she asks me to do will bring me the results I want.  

Anne teaches so much not only by offering her knowledge, but by being who she is – I observe the way she leads the calls, does tapping, her gentle, non-judgmental, yet humorous way, how she sees the Divine in us and I know – yes, this is how I want to be with my clients too.  

I feel much clearer about so many aspects of my business: I am more confident,  expecting success – landing a long-term client doesn’t seem such an achievement anymore, but rather something that cannot fail to happen.   (It has already happened!)  Anne helps me to access my inner wisdom, my intuition … and to trust myself.  

Anne is very generous with resources, be it an unexpected gift or some extra time, or a so-needed email of encouragement and support; not to mention the Divine Business Club itself that is such a gift and extremely great value for money.    

I’ve taken some other programmes with other coaches, much more expensive, and I’m still in awe what Anne offers in her club for that monthly price! 

Plus, I absolutely love Wealth CD affirmations and still listen to it almost every day – it is so uplifting and inspirational!  

Thank you, Anne, from the bottom of my heart!

I love working with you! 

Inga Krastina

SherraBashamNot only do I love your Wealth CD, but my 15-year old daughter loves it, too! 

Neither of us will go to sleep at night any more without listening to it – we just had to have two! 

We had a shocking experience in our lives, and listening to your CD helped us regain our peace of mind.When we listening to them, we are really creating a place of joy and bliss, which is helping me to open up and allow what I want to come to me. Feeling this happy is really great! 

Being the mom of a teen-ager is so wonderful, and at times, challenging. But what’s interesting is that after we began to listen to the CDs, I noticed that we also began to have more giggle experiences together. 

We laugh more!  You have to know how important that is to me. 

My daughter is now going around reeling off affirmations, and she’s cleaning up her living space! 

Thank you so much! 

Here’s my order, by the way, for two more. My mom’s just got to have her own set of these! 

Sherra Basham

 Since I started listening to your Wealth CD,
I have received two promotions
(the second of them was to my ideal job)!

DawnWellsAstacio2 (2) I often listen to your CD because they make me feel more whole and hopeful! In my very soul I truly feel like everything is possible! Before I got your CD, I was dealing with some issues at my work place. I wasn’t feeling appreciated or hopeful at all about advancement. And after listening to them – particularly the wealth one – I now know that I have the truth about my being INSIDE MYSELF.

 I have since received two promotions (the second of them was to my ideal job)!

By the way, I use your CD at night when I’m going to sleep. They help me feel relaxed, encouraged and refreshed. The music is so soft and so beautiful, that I easily go to sleep! 

I usually go through a tapping series, and then just continue to listen as I drift off to sleep. 

I really love your CD! Thank you so much. Keep them coming! 

Dawn Wells-Astacio
Hollywood, FL 

BetsyRosamI have been using EFT and listening to your Radiant Health CD for just a short time, and I’ve been so surprised at how it has shifted my energy in several ways. I am currently exercising 3-4 times per week and enjoying it! I previously only thought about exercising and then dismissed it quickly while heading to the fridge for something to eat. 

Also, I have been having fewer cravings for my favorites like cake and donuts.

There have been times that I have actually turned them down, and that wasn’t something I did in the past. I have lost approximately 7 pounds in less than a month and friends have noticed that my body is changing. Better yet, though, I feel healthier and stronger. 

There is so much power in EFT and affirmations together, and I have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to them. Thanks, Anne! You and your work are a blessing to me. 

Betsy Rosam

CatherineStevensI have loved being a member of the Divine Business Club for the past year.  

I have found the business strategy calls and the tapping calls very helpful. Anne has the ability to intuitively tune into the whole group as well as individuals, which is fun to listen to. I love the fact that the business call information is self-paced. I can use and adapt the strategies for my business. Anne gives everyone on the calls lots of extra time.  

I have found the tapping sessions to be very effective and enjoy Anne’s humor that she brings to the tapping calls. My favorite gift from Anne has been the Divine Client Attraction Affirmations. The recordings help expand my visualizations and increase my vibrational level when working with my clients.  

The greatest shift for me has been releasing the fear of being visible and greater confidence in following my own intuitive business ideas 

I had the most wonderful experience during the Create Your Divine Year ceremony. The day after the call, I confidently wrote out my long term and short term, goals and intentions for my business. It was my first time doing this in the way I did it!  I am very excited to move forward with my own out-of-the-box ideas!  

I look forward to continued support being in the Divine Business Club and interacting with other wonderful members.  

Catherine Rose Stevens
Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach

ClairePerkinsLoving your Unlimited Wealth CD.  I’ve been listening daily. And I received unexpected check in the mail yesterday! Thank you God! 

Claire Perkins

Author, Deep Water Leaf Society:

Harnessing the Transformative Power of Grief

Your CD has been so wonderful to keep me filled with words of prosperity as I head for my breakthroughs!  Thank you, Anne! Thank you, God! 

Justina Sterling 


 I simply adore your CDs and recommend them so highly! 

Lorrie Douglas Morgan Ferrero

Thank you for producing such beautiful and helpful CDs!  I love them and when people hear them they want one!  I’m ordering 10 so I can share them with others! 

Peggy Henrickson

Rev. Lauren McLaughlin

 For anyone who hasn't enjoyed your affirmation CDs, they're missing out on quite a treat! 

Rev. Lauren McLaughlin



I listened to your Unlimited Wealth affirmations as I went to sleep last night.  Fabulous affirmations and your voice is so lovely, Anne.

 Thank you for this amazing gift; I am certain it will help so many of us!

Barbara Clark



Beautiful affirmations and so easy to listen to. 

Mary McCallion Dempsey



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