Build Your Spiritual Business

Be Client Attractive, Make Great Money, and
Have the Freedom You Desire



The Divine Diamonds are an exclusive group of spiritual business owners, who are receiving mentoring and inspiration as they build their strong, successful and profitable businesses. 

The Divine Diamond Program is designed to support you being aligned with your passion for serving others in your own unique way, living your purpose as the leader you came to be, and creating the profits that will easily result when you stand in your power as the Spiritual Entrepreneur you are.   

When you offer your services with integrity, love and confidence – with a “side” of business savvy – you reach more people, make more money, have a bigger impact, and have fun doing it! 

This program is designed to support you
in creating your business authentically,
with consistent and count-on-able income.




Most spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with these challenges.


The truth of the matter is,
if they could get past the challenges,
they could make more of a difference
in the world around them.

So why do they struggle? 


There are several reasons.  They feel:

  • unsure of their value, resulting in the question “How much should I charge?”;
  • challenged when communicating their message, resulting in the question “What do I say when someone asks me what I do?”;
  • afraid of rejection when they it comes to asking for the business (so they don’t!);
  • afraid they don’t have what it takes to make an abundant income;
  • concerned that asking for too much money for their services will make them look greedy, or not get clients at all;
  • afraid that if they make too much money they’ll lose their spirituality;
  • unsure of what their intuition is really guiding them to do, or if they know, then they are
  • afraid to fully trust their intuition (and the Divine) and to take action on that guidance – they live more in fear than in faith (especially when it comes to money).

We could go on and on.

But here’s the thing:  it doesn’t have to be this way. 


Making good money (and even great money)
while bringing your sacred gifts to the world
can be fun and is actually easier than you realize! 

It’s almost like
having your very own money tree!






When your prospective clients know and understand what you offer (its value and how it will make a difference in their lives), and they understand that working with you will help them resolve their challenges, then…


They will do whatever it takes for you to help them.


But you have to learn how to share your gifts with them in the way that they need you to.  In a way that supports them. 


Their way.  Their needs.  Not yours.




The Holy Trinity of Business




If you’re not getting enough clients in the door, and you are not making enough money, then it is very likely that…


Your marketing and sales skills and/or your mindset needs improvement. 


Most spiritual entrepreneurs spend years developing their sacred gifts, but they don’t spend nearly as much time developing their marketing or sales skills.  Business feels intimidating to many.  And they often model other people’s businesses, rather than getting the training to build their own strong, prosperous business. 

It makes sense, really.  We model what we see.

But it’s actually a problem, since most healers struggle to get enough clients and make enough money.  Modeling the business of someone who is struggling is like modeling exercise habits from a couch potato.


Couch Potato


To have the successful, abundant business you want, you must have


The Holy Trinity of Business


  • a connection to the Divine,
  • a healthy mindset about your sacred gifts,
  • and solid business skills.



In the Divine Diamond program,
we’ll work together on the following areas of your business


Your Divine Intuition


Meditation and Prayer

  • Do you wonder if you can trust the intuitive messages you receive?
  • Do you wonder if you’re actually receiving them?
  • Do you want to be clearer about how you connect with the Divine and how the Divine connects with you?


You will gain a clearer understanding of your intuitive abilities and how your own Divine intuition works. 

You will begin to see how you can apply this knowledge not only in your business, but also in your life. 

You will understand how powerful your intuition is and how deeply connected you are to the Divine, and you will then own – truly own – how profoundly sacred your work is.  



Your Divine Brand

Tiffany's Brand

  • How “branded” are you?
  • Is your brand clear and concise?
  • Is it clear what you do?

Your brand is your reputation.  It is your message. 

It is your declaration to the world about who you are and what you do. 

If your people don’t know what you do or whom you serve, how will they know they want to work with you? 

You will get a very strong, clear, clean and juicy brand, one you will be proud to stand behind.



Your Divine Message




  • Is your message clear?
  • Is it concise?
  • Do people understand the transformation you offer?

Your message is the driving force behind your whole business.  It is all about who you serve and how you serve them. 

It is your “why.”

It is what gets you up in the morning. 

It is what keeps you going – even in the difficult times – as you build your business. 

It is what causes others to be drawn to you, and want to do business with you. 

You will get very clear about what your message is, why you are doing business, and why someone would want to work with you.


Your Divine Offerings




  • Do you have clear offerings?
  • Do you have packages to offer your clients? Programs?
  • Is it easy for people to understand how you can help them and how long it will take?
  • Do you find yourself on an income roller coaster – where you have enough clients and then not enough clients?

Your packages are the “how” of your business –  how you deliver your services.  They are the method you use to support your client in getting the transformation they need and want.

In addition, they are the way you can get off the income roller coaster, and have committed, happy clients.    

If you are currently offering per-session services, then we will work to create packages. 

If you are already offering packages, we will look at those packages and make them more Divinely attractive. 

In addition, we will look at programs and services you will want to consider offering.  We will look at what you are offering your clients, and in what format. 

You will create a business that is income-producing, one that you are proud to offer your prospective clients. 



Your Sacred Sales and Marketing

Happy Woman

  • Are you struggling to get enough clients in your business?
  • Are you confused by marketing ideas and strategies? By knowing how to implement marketing strategies?
  • Do you feel you could never, ever – like ever! – like sales, and feel like you’d just rather not have clients than to sell yourself out being salesy?

Marketing and sales are the essence of your business.  It is how you connect with new people to serve. 

Marketing is how you get in front of your Divine peeps (your tribe, your people, your prospective clients).  

Sales are all about holding a sacred space for your prospective client to step into their own vision. Sales don’t have to be gross and icky – like you feel like you need  a shower after having a sales conversation. 

The bottom line is this: 

People buy because they want the transformation you offer

We will look at your marketing process in its entirety: from finding your ideal client, to getting in front of them, to having strategy sessions (and knowing what to say – and what not to say – in them!), to following up after those strategy sessions.  This will allow you to put a solid foundation in place for building your strong, abundant business.  

When you understand how sacred, intimate and powerful sales are, and when you understand that successful sales are something you do for someone, not something you do to them, you will then see powerful changes in your business. 

You will go from scared to sacred in your marketing and your sales conversations!



Your Divine Mindset


  • Do you find yourself stuck more frequently than you’d like to be as you build your business?
  • Do you find yourself listening to your inner voice fear more than your voice of faith?
  • Do you wish you could just turn it down or shut it off?

Mindset is all about what is going on inside your head when you try to do something new and different.  It is about your limiting beliefs and your fears, as well as your expanded beliefs and faith. .

Building a business is all about doing things that are new and different.

It is about trying and tweaking what works…and learning what doesn’t.

It is about standing in faith, rather than fear.


You will uncover and transform the beliefs, fears, and behaviors that stop you from taking action and moving forward.

You will learn how to ask for – and expect success (instead of hoping for it, but fearing failure).

You will stand in confidence rather than fear, and create the freedom you desire.  Your business will thrive and prosper.  It cannot be any other way.




The Divine Diamond Program

is NOT right for you if…

No to Money

  • You want someone else to build your business for you. You aren’t willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears that are necessary to birth your Divinely-given dream. You would rather someone else do it.
  • You aren’t willing to look at what is holding you back from having the business you want. You don’t want to do the deep-digging and necessary truth-telling about your limiting beliefs, much less do anything to change them.
  • You don’t want to take full responsibility for your experiences and your perceptions of those experiences.f In the Divine Diamond program, we hold the truth that you are a co-creator with the Divine.
  • You are creating your experiences – on all levels – through the stories you tell, through the things you think, and through the actions you take. If you don’t like what you are experiencing, you can create differently. The Divine Diamond program is not right for you if you are unwilling to do that.
  • You aren’t willing to see the “gold” that is all around you. You aren’t willing to recognizing the support, love and abundance that already exists in your life.
  • You don’t really want to learn how to manifest your Divine life and business using Divine energies and Universal laws. You’d rather it just happen.
  • You “already know that.” This is an indication of something bigger – that of being uncoachable. If you are unwilling to be coached on your blind spots, then this program is not for you.
  • You are unwilling to be seen and heard. Although you know your sacred gifts are here to be used – to be seen by others and to be heard by many, you are not willing to share them with others. Your fear of rejection is stronger than your willingness to take a stand and you would rather hide.
  • You don’t need support, don’t want support and are fine doing it by yourself. You’ve got it figured out, are comfortable where you are, and don’t really see the need to step up in your business. That’s great. This program is not for you.
  • You are unwilling to invest in yourself. You are too afraid to spend money on yourself, and would rather try to figure things out yourself than get the guidance and support you need to get where you want to go.


The Divine Diamond Program

is right for you if…



  • You’re ready to claim your prosperity using your sacred gifts! You are tired and frustrated from not making the money you know you could make and not having the abundance of clients you know you should have.
  • You’re ready to stand in your power as co-creator with the Divine. You’re tired of feeling as though life is happening to you, and you want to be someone for whom life – and business – flows. You are willing to let go of your fears and stories about why you cannot make more, have more and attract more.
  • You’re ready to be able to say what you do and have people “get it.” You don’t understand why your potential clients don’t just “get” what it is you do and sign up with you on the spot. You’re not sure what it is you are saying or doing (or not saying or doing) that is causing that, but you’re ready to transform your message.
  • You’re ready to understand how to hold sacred space during a strategy session, and be strong enough that your client says “yes” to working with you. Offering your services to your potential clients frustrates and confuses you. You feel uncomfortable when you pick up the phone to initiate strategy session calls. (So you don’t.) You don’t even know where to find the people with whom to have those conversations. You’re ready to confidently offer your services to potential clients.
  • You’re ready to understand how to strategically market your services. You know that offering your services to the world (marketing) is the only way you will build your business. And yet, it feels incredibly frustrating. You are tired of struggling and you want to make peace with this process. You’re ready to learn how to do this with authenticity and grace.
  • You’re ready to understand what systems are, and how powerfully they support your business. You feel overwhelmed and you work too hard in your business. You’re running your business but you feel like it’s running you. You’re ready to put systems and organization into place.
  • You’re ready to hire or manage your team. Like the point above, you feel overwhelmed and work way too hard in your business. You don’t have the help you need, and you aren’t sure where to get it or even what to do with it once you have it.
  • You’re ready to step up the way you show up in your business and in the world around you. You know are here to touch the world, and that what you’re doing isn’t getting you where you want to go quickly enough.
  • You’re ready to find your Divine Tribe. You know there are a lot of people who really want to work with you … and you are ready to help them transform – you just need a little help figuring out how to do that.
  • You’re ready to be more deeply connected with your guides and angels. You want to know you are not alone as you build your spiritual business. You want to know how to access your Divine Team. You know there’s more Divine support available to you, but you don’t know how to access it, or you don’t fully trust yourself to recognize it.




Putting It All Together




If we were to use an analogy of a car for your business, we could say the following:

  • Your Divine Brand is the package, or the type of car you are driving… its style and color.
  • Your Divine Message is the engine that drives your car. It propels you forward.
  • Your Divine Offering is the door that lets you (and your clients) get in and out.
  • Your Sacred Sales & Marketing is the money that puts the gas into the car, keeps it clean and in service.
  • Your Divine Intuition is the steering wheel (and sometimes the map) that guides you to the places you want to go.
  • Your Divine Mindset is the gas that makes your business move. (Have bad gas and you’ll sputter and stall out. Get great gas and you propel forward as quickly as you want!)




The Components of

Your Divine Diamond Program


One-on-One Calls with Anne


Woman on Phone



In your Divine Diamond program, you will work with an established, successful 6-figure business coach. 

Many programs offer you the opportunity for group learning, but do not offer the opportunity to work deeply with a coach on your specific challenges, your specific questions, and your specific vision.  This program does.
During your Divine Diamond experience, you will work privately with Anne two times a month.  You will work on whatever challenges you need help with. 

You may decide to work on marketing strategies, sales skills, developing your intuition, or mastering your mindset.  You will get your questions answered and leave each call with your next steps clearly laid out.




Twice-a-Month “Build Your Divine Business” Group Q&A Calls with Anne 



Your Divine Diamond Group Q&A calls (2 per month) offer you the opportunity to ask questions and to get laser-coached within the group setting  about any challenges you may have in growing your business – whether it’s mindset or strategies.  

This is your time to come together with your group and connect with other like-minded, deeply committed spiritual entrepreneurs, and benefit from their wisdom, as well as to get answers to your most challenging questions. 




Twice-a-Month “Build Your Divine Business” Group Tapping Calls with Anne 



Your Divine Diamond Group Tapping calls (2 per month) offer you to tap around any challenges you may have in growing your business – whether it’s mindset or strategies.  

This is your time to come and tap together with your group.




Open Office Hour” Laser Calls with Anne 



Your Divine Diamond Open Office Hour laser calls provide you with the opportunity to get quick questions answered in case you are stuck on what to do and how to do it.  Even quick tapping requests are honored during the calls. 

This is a popular supplement to the one-on-one calls and the twice-monthly group calls.  There is plenty of support for the Divine Diamonds!




Access Your Divine Intuition™ Exercises & Recordings 



As a Divine Diamond, you receive energy exercises and recordings that support you in developing your intuitive abilities, your Divine mindset, and in keeping your energy field clean and clear.  

You will love tuning into and turning on your intuitive abilities. 


Dream Big 19280844 (2)

Your intuitive connection will strengthen, and you will learn how to go deep inside to get your questions answered through your connection to the Divine. 

Your listening – and trusting – skills will strengthen exponentially as you learn what is – and what is not – intuitive guidance.



Your Divine Diamond-only Online Community




Your private, Divine Diamond-only Facebook group is an invaluable resource you’ll use to connect with – and interact with – other members, to ask questions, to give and receive feedback, to create partnerships, to brainstorm ideas and so much more. 




Accountability Reports



Utilize Accountability Reports to keep your energy and momentum moving! 

By turning in your Accountability Report before each of your one-on-one sessions with Anne, you will have a beautiful record of your progress throughout the program! 




Accountability Partners


Anne and Margaret Lynch


Connect with accountability partners to get support and feedback, to become friends, and exchange business-building ideas.  


Your Divine Diamond Live Retreat



Your live retreat offers you the perfect balance between intense, focused training and a rich, intimate experience.  This 3-day experience will provide you with the opportunity to take a quantum leap in your business.

You’ll spend it with other spiritual entrepreneurs receiving training from Anne, and getting clear about where you want to take your business, what’s stopping you from going there, and what action steps you need to put into place.  

You will experience the power of the group’s connection to the Divine Mind. 

This connection is very powerful because the group fully supports you and wants your success.   The group can connect with your specific challenge and can offer information and guidance that you would not receive any where else, in any other situation.

In your retreat…

  • You’ll be able to let go of the challenges you face as you build your business alone.
  • You’ll emerge feeling Divinely-connected, Divinely-inspired, and Divinely-motivated about where to go and what to do next.
  • You’ll have specific action steps to implement once you return to your life and business.

Your Divine Diamond Retreat activities will offer (among other things): 


Divine Training



Each retreat is designed to offer trainings specific to the group of Diamond attendees.  Whether it is Divine Client Attraction, Divine Marketing, Sacred Sales, Building Your Divine List, Creating Your Divine Website, or something else, your retreat will be filled with trainings you can use, and handouts to support you in implementing the teachings once you return home.


Your Divine Mindset 


We’ll uncover your limiting beliefs, tap to clear them, create ways for you to anchor your new understanding.  You’ll walk away with your Divine Ah-Ha!(s) already integrated.


Your Divine Connection 

Woman In Sun

You will learn some specific exercises that you can use to access your intuition when faced with making a decision, as well as what things you can do to actively develop your intuitive connection. 


Divine Rituals 

.  AnneRobe-smaller

Each retreat is infused with Divine Rituals.  Whether it is a releasing ceremony, or an initiation ceremony, you will experience a profound transformation deep within your being from the ritual that the group experiences together.


Your Divine Surroundings 


Ft. Lauderdale


You will have the opportunity to have daily walks on the beautiful, world-renowned Ft. Lauderdale, Florida beaches. We will be having our Divine Diamond retreat ocean-side at a gorgeous hotel, and your evenings will be spent enjoying the boardwalk or simply drinking in – and absorbing – the powerful ocean energy.


You will leave your Divine Diamond retreat 

  • inspired and energized,
  • powerfully connected to Divine Diamond friends, with yourself, and most of all, with the Divine,
  • aware of your deep connection with your potential clients and their need for you and your services, and
  • clear in your mind and confident with an action plan created specifically for you and your business.


Bring Your Divine Team Member 

Magnify the impact of your training when you include your business partner or spouse/partner to your live retreat.  Know that when you return, you will have more support, more understanding, and more appreciation for what it takes to build your business.  (And that is truly priceless!) 


Note:  The Divine Diamond retreat is included in the program.  



Private Divine Diamond-only Business Training Programs 


Divine Diamonds receive extensive private training.  You will get front-row VIP seats to Anne’s brand-new offerings, before they are ever offered to the public. 


Here are some examples of past and upcoming trainings:

  • Create Your Divine Brand
  • Create Your Divine Offer
  • Create your Divine Year
  • Divine Client Attraction
  • Build Your Divine List
  • Your Divine Biz JV Giveaway
  • Sacred Sexy Sales


Create Your Divine Brand 


Create Your Divine Brand program

As a Divine Diamond, you get access to Anne’s homestudy course,Create Your Divine Brand

Your brand is your public face to the world.  It offers you both recognition and respect from your target market. To have a clear and “juicy” brand is priceless! 




Create Your Divine Year




As a Divine Diamond, you get access to Anne’s virtual New Year ceremony, Create Your Divine Year.

In this program, you will receive a Divine Clearing, a Divine Initiation, and a Divine Activation, so that you can create your best year ever.  Use it over and over again – year after year!




Create Your Divine Offer


Create Your Divine Offer program



As a Divine Diamond, you get access to Anne’s homestudy course, Create Your Divine Offer.

You will be able to move beyond the dollars-per-hour business model, and build a stronger, more effective business by creating packages and programs to offer your clients. 

Your clients will be happier because they will get the transformation they are seeking.  You will be happier because you have a more a consistent client base and income stream. Everybody wins! 




Sacred Sexy Sales





As a Divine Diamond, you receive access to Anne’s homestudy program, Sacred Sexy Sales

Your business depends upon your ability to sell your services and products.  And selling can be one of the most sacred, powerful experiences, if you understand the energy behind the sales conversation.   

This course will help you understand what’s really going on in your sales process and how you can improve the experience for both you and your potential client. 

Imagine loving sales!  It is possible!


Happy Business Woman


Let me show you how.



Your Divine Diamond Program Fast-Action Bonus

Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading   

 Divinely Intuitive Business Reading


In a Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading, you will experience a powerful reading for you and your business with Anne, who is a Divine Intuitive™.   

You will get answers to questions to help you clear away your beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck in your business, and you will get specific steps you can take to support yourself in having the breakthroughs you desire.

You will get connected to your Divine Team and learn what guidance they have for you.

One shift alone can make the difference between frustration and success! 

Because we like to reward fast-decision-making (it will move your business much faster when you do this!), you willreceive this bonus when you become a Divine Diamond client within 24 hours of your offer!  (All program levels apply.) 

Your reading must take place within one year of becoming a Divine Diamond or it will be forfeit, and cannot be transferred to another person.


Your Divine Diamond Bonus Trainings 

For more information on the trainings mentioned above, please click on the names below to get more information.

  • Divine Business Club
  • Create Your Divine Brand
  • Create Your Divine Offer
  • Create Your Divine Year
  • Sacred Sexy Sales
  • Your Divine Biz JV Giveaway


Bonus Divine Diamond Energy and Mindset Support

Tap into Your Divine Business


Tap into Your Divine Business class

Tap into Your Divine Business, is a 4-week program filled with trainings as well as mindset work done with numerous spiritual entrepreneurs.  There were four modules to this program:  1)  Your Divine Money, 2) Your Divine Clients, 3) Your Divine Market and 4) Your Divine Offer. 

Understanding these four essential pieces of your business will help you step into your Divine work.  Listen, laugh and tap along with Anne and these courageous people who put it all on the table and transform their lives and businesses. 

To learn more about this complimentary program, click on the name below:

 Tap Into Your Divine Business


Other Divine Diamond Bonuses


As a Divine Diamond, you will receive numerous other bonuses and trainings.  You can see the mindset and energy products listed below in our Divine Store.   Your bonuses will include:

  • Your Divine Business Angel Cards
  • Your Divine Business affirmations mp3 & pdf
  • Your Divine Brand affirmations mp3 & pdf
  • Your Divine Offer affirmations mp3 & pdf
  • Divinely Intuitive™ You affirmations mp3 & pdf
  • Create Your Divine Love & Passion affirmations mp3 & pdf
  • Divine Client Attraction affirmations mp3 & pdf
  • Successful Sacred Sales affirmations mp3 & pdf
  • Create Divine Abundance affirmations mp3 & pdf
  • Divinely Radiant Health affirmations mp3 & pdf

To learn more about these, please visit the Divine Store 



A Note from Anne 


If this program feels as though it is the next right step for you, please fill out the application below.  My Divine Team and I will be in touch with you within 48 business hours to schedule a Divine Connection Session with you to see if we should move forward together.

I would be honored to serve you and support you as you build your beautiful spiritual business and bring your sacred gifts to the world.  Your people are looking for you and are ready to transform their lives.  It’s time to make it easy for them, don’t you agree?



Divine hugs, 


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

Divinely Intuitive Business 

Contact Info:  954-989-4094 – OfficeEmail:  RevAnne(at)DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness(dot)com




Divine Diamond Program Application