Divine Biz Tapping Circle


Hi, Divine One –


Quick question: Do you see yourself here?

  • Are you losing sleep over the challenges that building a business brings (especially in the current environment of the coronavirus)?
  • Are you hungry for a more grounded, more Divinely intuitive way to not only run your business but also live your life?
  • Are you already using energy techniques (including tapping) to clear blocks and try to manage your anxiety but still need more support as you expand your business?
  • Are you ready to take back control of your business and reduce your stress so you actually start thriving instead of just surviving?
  • Do you know what to do but just can’t seem to make yourself ‘just DO it’?”

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, I invite you to keep reading because what you are looking for is right ahead.


Listen, these are unprecedented times. And that is an understatement.


Nobody knows what is going to happen. There is no timeline for getting back to the way things used to be. Heck, chances are, things may NEVER BE the way they were.


And what if that is a good thing?


What if your new normal is one where you are...

  • Confident in your business and relationships.
  • Calling in money with ease while doing the work you love.
  • Trusting that the Divine has your back and everything is working for you (and not against you).
  • Feeling energized by your work and your life every single day.
  • Honoring your talents, your gifts, and your boundaries.
  • Celebrating each win because you believe in yourself.
  • Holding space for the person you are becoming as you continue on your path of growth.
  • Enjoying a life of true freedom from past traumas, and from other people’s energies and unrealistic expectations.
  • Able to consistently shift your energy in a way that brings clarity on your exact next steps.


Shifting energy is something I have mastered - thanks to tapping (EFT).


When we realize we are responsible

for everything in our lives, we also realize

we have the power and responsibility to change it.


Tapping can help you do just that. It is a powerful energy technique that helps you to:


  • Ease anxiety that is beyond your control;
  • Soothe how you feel when emotions get the best of you (which happens frequently, right?);
  • Bring your attention back to what is truly important;
  • Clarify your intentions so you can come from a place of Divine Truth, instead of fear;
  • Experience your relationships in a healthier way;
  • Ground yourself in the reality of what is happening and what is possible;
  • Instantly shift energy and mood;
  • Release past events and relationships that hold you hostage so that you can handle the present with peace of mind and clarity of spirit;
  • Transform disempowering stories into empowering ones.

This isn’t about looking outside yourself for the answers. Or finding solutions in all the wrong places. It is about seeking guidance, asking the best questions, and then trusting yourself to know the right next step so you are not giving your power away.


When you stop looking outside yourself

and start looking inside yourself

and trusting what you see,

it is then that you know the true meaning of

standing in your power.


If you are ready for a new way of being in your Divine biz 

(and your life), awesome!


Then, here’s what’s next for you. There are two ways to bring

the Divine Tapping Solution into your world.




Divine Biz Tapping Circle
Create a Year of Extraordinary Growth


You already have the business strategy and support, but you just can’t seem to get out of your own way.

  • You set deadlines and watch them fly by.
  • You create plans but don’t take the first step, or the next, or the next.
  • You set intentions and fill your time on everything but...
  • You allow others to dictate your time and challenge your focus.
  • You feel like things are finally going your way one day... and then everything turns to chaos the next.
  • And all you want is a real-life EASY button to make things make sense and be fun again.


Whether you are an EFT pro having trouble breaking through your blocks or new to tapping and unsure what to tap on, this group is for you.


Each week we will come together in an intimate group setting to tap on whatever is getting in your way so you may go deeper into your Divine work and gain clarity on what to do next.


As a small group of Divinely guided entrepreneurs, we will spend the next 12 months together clearing out the clutter and negative energy keeping you stuck and impacting your growth at every level of your business.

  • Sales fears? No problem. We’ll clear them away.
  • Marketing fears? No problem. We’ll clear them, too.
  • Visibility fears? Not a problem. We’ve got you covered.
  • Team-building fears? No problem. We’ll clear ‘em.
  • Success fears? Money fears? Fears you don’t even know exist inside you. Not a problem. Whatever fears you have, we’ll work to clear them. Period.


Every leap in your business is met with new challenges...

and new blocks that need to be cleared.

  • Going from $2K months to $8K months
  • Going from a few clients to fully booked
  • Going from solopreneur to CEO with a team
  • Going from 1-to-1 services to leading a group coaching program
  • Going from being invisible to confidently sharing yourself
  • Going from referrals only to proactively creating clients and comfortably having powerful sales conversations
  • Going from no marketing to consistent marketing

Each one of these leaps brings the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the Divine and call in your Guides to assist your growth - but only if you get out of your head and listen to your intuition.


That’s why these groups are small - up to 8 people ONLY - and why we meet each week to clear out and rewrite the stories keeping you stuck (and safe).


On the group tapping calls (and sometimes in between them), you will receive journaling prompts so we know what to tap on. And you can bring into the sacred Circle whatever it is that you most need to address.


We will meet weekly at noon ET for 12 months.


This Circle is only about your mindset and the energy needed to shift your relationship to things in your business you don’t want to do, like marketing, sales, and promoting yourself and your offerings.


We will be:

  • Clearing out the procrastination pieces by digging to the root cause of why you don’t send out your ezine, put that program together, or promote your coaching packages.
  • Releasing those shoulds that are hidden in your belief system about your business so you can actually go do the things you love and still make money.
  • Learning how to trust your intuition in a way you can receive – and trust! – those downloads and then go take action without second-guessing yourself.
  • Receiving powerful downloads from the Divine and staying grounded in your own work.
  • And so much more!!


Click here to apply:



Sometimes a one-on-one private session is needed. If this is the case for you, please schedule a Divine Connection Call with Anne so she can get more information about what you need.



This may help. If you…

  • Love being in a tight-knit community of Divinely intuitive entrepreneurs? The group program is perfect for you.
  • Committed to growing your business over the next year? Group program is it.
  • Looking for consistent mindset work? Group program is the perfect fit.
  • Want a safe space to share your most intimate thoughts? Private tapping is the best choice.
  • Want to go deeper into your fears and blocks? Private tapping is for you.

Curious as to the cost? Great! The Divine Biz Tapping Circle is just $247 per month. That's a drop in the bucket as compared to the value you will get because as you change your beliefs about what you can do (and then go do it!), your business will transform. You will transform!


Want to hear from other people who tapped with Anne? Read on or click here to learn more...


Rev. Anne Presuel and her amazing EFT tapped me through my fears and into the belief that I can make it onto TV, and voila!  It's happening!   

Not only that, but my success has leaped forward to the point where I'm too busy to even participate in the Divine Business Club any longer! Ha, ha, ha; it's a wonderful and brilliant place to be! 

Shannon Walbran
Spirit Guide Interpreter
known as "South Africa's Top Psychic"


Before I worked with Rev. Anne I was completely blocked.  It was impacting me physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  My family’s finances had not improved in over five years.  I was holding myself accountable for things that I had no control over.  

During our tapping session, Rev. Anne helped me in less than a minute to figure out what my block was.  That block was one of deserving.  I finally had a name for what had been holding me back for five years! 

Rev. Anne is an amazing coach and healer.  Because of our working together I have been able to see things I hadn’t seen before.  We used EFT and affirmations and I was delighted to see the energy was so gentle, calm, and so peaceful.

Wonderful things happened to my family in a very short time following our time together, including my husband getting a job back in his profession again and my winning a scholarship to attend a seminar weekend for my business! 

I feel like I have a new approach to parenting and life.  I am now able to approach my business and healing work with better clarity, connection, and understanding. 

Thank you for your gentle and loving way, Rev. Anne.  I totally support your work and recommend your services to everyone! 

With deepest gratitude! 

Sharon Gourlay C.Ht, HBCE, HBIMI,BA, RMT


Thank you so much for the EFT session we had today. I feel like I have lost about 100 lbs of old baggage. I must tell you all the releasing that was done today has healed my kidneys. 

I've had problems with my kidneys for about 17 years. And I have tried kidney cleanses and drinking water and Reiki and this is truly a miracle as far as I am concerned. 

You are an amazing intuitive healer, I'm so glad the Universe led me to you!

Jodi Marvin




Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



Rev. Anne Presuel, irreverent rev, helps spiritual entrepreneurs get their sacred gifts out to the world, tuning into their own 6th sense while building 6-figure businesses their own way.

She is the author of the forthcoming book A Divinely Intuitive Awakening: How Divine connection healed unspeakable trauma and created a life of love, magic and miracles. 

Anne is an Interfaith Minister, a Divine Intuitive™, and a master energy therapist.  She lives with her husband, Dr. Francisco Presuel, in South Florida at their newly-manifested Divine Sanctuary, where they care for rescued animals (in their spare time).


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