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I’ve had another sale! Two in a row!

My Angels Cards arrived!

I  L O V E them and the handwritten card, too. 

I don’t know, Rev. Anne, how you charged them … what I have to report is that I can feel physically a great power flowing through my body when I am with them. 

I’ve spread all of them on the table to admire them and the feeling was very strong (in the positive way), so strong I decided it was enough and put them religiously back in their bag. 

I’ve read one after the other a couple of times and each one resonates with me, each one has got something for me, no one missing, once again: so powerful! 

This is what happened then:   I’ve had a sale! 

And then my customer wrote me a message saying he wanted to get more of my products so …  

I’ve had another sale! Two in a row! 

And my customer was extraordinary kind and brilliant in his conversations with me: he said I am a STAR and he wished the FORCE to be with me always! 

W O W!  What else can I say …?     T H A N K  Y O U! 

Love & Blessings,
Silvia Camerini


So, I just want to say a big warm thank you to Rev. Anne Presuel, I received my Angel Business Cards today and what a beautiful surprise it was.

And the gorgeous handwritten card with the heartfelt message just lifted my spirits and made my day 🙂 

Josephine Young

SusanDAmicoWooHoo! Today I received my Angel Cards! OMG are they beautiful! So beautifully done! I can feel the love and inspiration from the heart and the divine that went into designing them. I’m looking forward to reading them daily. ♥

Thank you, Anne, for the beautiful hand written note from you! 

Blessings and much love to you! ♥ 

Susan J. D’Amico

I really LOVE the Angel Business cards.  CatherineStevensThe affirmations are so beautiful.  I just read them and say them, and absorb their beautiful color energy. 

(I can even hear your voice in some of them.) 

Thank you for such lovely cards! 

Catherine Rose Stevens
The Intuitive Consultant

Louise Malbon-ReddixRev. Anne, I so thank you for my Divine Business Angel Cards and for the training call. I loved the techniques you shared for blending energies and for pulling up the energy from the ground and mixing that in with the energy from the universe! Amen to both!!  

I got some ideas, too, for expanding and I plan to follow through on them. I have gotten some friend requests and I am so grateful for them. That was an added plus that I did not expect!  That is wonderful! 


Louise Malbon-Reddix
Author, Stand in Your Anointment, This Too Shall Pass

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