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Sacred Sexy Sales


I really like Anne's energy and the way she presents the information is great.

I was encouraged by the questions posed on the call and could so relate to the issue of what comes next when working with energy, once someone is out of pain.

I am doing so much better getting down to the tangibles with clients. It makes so much sense to be able to say what has changed as a result of the work. 

I have a long way to go as I am transitioning from a body centered business (massage) to transformational energy work.  I love the expansion of work this offers me as well as less physical strain.

And it’s great to be with like-minded people on this journey!

Linda Geiser Schockman
Licensed Massage Therapist and Master Level Energy Worker



Sacred Sexy Sales

I had my first sales call with a prospective client and closed her for $2,000! 

JessicaCarterMonths ago, I set an intention to hire a sales team to hit the streets with my video program.  I had thought about this program for months, talked about it, ran the idea by people, and still procrastinated! 

Then I said it's time! I put the program down on paper.  That very afternoon, I got a call from an agency asking to white label our services. We signed an agreement to have their sales force resell our services. 

In addition, I had my first sales call with a prospective client and closed her for $2,000!  It was so easy and fun! 

This all started when I listened to Rev. Anne Presuel's free phone call and I heard her laugh throughout her presentation.

I knew in my heart that she was the right person to listen to and learn about sales from because she loved sales with an authentic, joyous spirit. I knew that she had something I wanted to be and knew that, in order to model someone, you need to spend time with them. So without hesitation I registered for her Sacred Sexy Sales class. 

Boy, am I glad I did! 

Jessica Carter Brace



Create Your Divine Offer 

KristineJensenSmithThank you, Anne, for your generosity - tapping feels so important around these issues. I have so many of the issues others have expressed in this class about creating my offer – mostly around believing I have something of worth to offer and finding the right words to express it. 

I also have this weird response when I am asked to get specific with anything I do. When I am doing my work I am in a very different state (kind of watery and diffuse) and when I have to bring what I do into words it feels as if I losing the real essence of the work, trying to squeeze it down into words which cannot possibly capture it. I get overwhelmed and really want to space out and leave my body right when I try to do this.

This class has really helped me with being able to articulate my work clearly.  Oh, and by the way, I really love listening to the affirmations and tapping. 

Thank you Anne! 

Kristine Jensen Smith



Create Your Divine Offer 

DonnaDawleyI found it very helpful to do the week 2 assignment by writing a short story of what my client's life was like before and after. 

I have to tell you, when I got to the parts about what would have happened if I had not helped her, it was so powerful. It was only then that I realized we truly do save lives because I realized the long term path could have been divorce, losing her children, alcoholism, addiction…essentially she could have been a lost soul without intervention. I get it now!

Thanks Anne! 

Donna Dawley, DD, DMph, CPSC, CACR
eWomen Premier Success Coach, Speaker
Author of The Joy Charged Life



Create Your Divine Offer


Thanks, Rev. Anne, for some valuable info ... I really appreciate the information  about breaking things down to the tangibles as well as that quick little tip about how finding one-on-one clients.  I just needed to hear that little nugget! 

Leslie D. Jackson



Create Your Divine Offer 

MaryDempsey2I always catch up on any calls I’ve missed in your classes.  This has not always been the case in other classes I’ve been in. 

I love your clear content and natural delivery style, Rev. Anne!

The biggest thing I got from this class was believing and trusting that I have something really worthwhile and of value to people - to see clearly what specifically is the transformation and who can benefit most. 

Thanks so much, Anne! 

Mary McCallion Dempsey



Create Your Divine Offer

DonnaWardAnne, your calls have helped me with the words for my offer (making sure I talked about what was in it for my audience and who they were). 

That’s so important!  Thank you! 

Donna L. Ward



Tap into Your Divine Business

MichleLewisSmallRev. Anne Presuel I think one of the reasons I can so relate to your tapping method is that you reframe with humor! Laughter is good medicine!

What a great call. Anne, you are truly a gifted fluent woo speaker!

Isn't it great to become aware of fears? Then we can do something about them! I love, love, love it!  I love how when you uncover something it allows the others to surface so you can get that, too. I believe that eventually there will only be minor things that show up.

I didn't realize how much I promote other people's work because I didn't believe my own was good enough! WOW! Thanks so much for being seen!

The tapping we did about promoting other's work caused me to make some changes to my site. I feel so good about them and finally feel that my site is more where it needs to be! YAY!

It’s such a joy to have moved into taking my business forward one step at a time!

I loved your closing comments. I've told myself similar in the past but there was something in the way you worded it that really touched my heart. The thought of "my people," the people I created pre-earth contracts with, can only hear the words through me! 

Michele Lewis



Tap into Your Divine Business 

MarlaHannahThank you for your support all through this past year.  You have been that corner soft pillow to lean on. It means a lot to me.  Just have so much more to talk about, that I forget to mention this to you. 


Marla Hannah
Hollywood, FL



Tap into Your Divine Business 

Thank you to all who shared their personal issues tonight on the tapping call; they all hit the spot and really shifted a lot for me. What a release…  This is what I learned tonight:  "I need people to find out who I really am in order to be successful."

Iris Mathews



Create Your Divine Brand

AaJoumanaNasraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Rev. Anne Presuel, what have you done to me??? It's 3.30 am and I have taglines running through my head. And I mean lots of taglines!!!!! 

Joumana Fadlallah Nasr



SOAR Workshop 



I gotta tell you, SOAR was a great, great seminar.  Something that anybody could do and repeat at any given time; simply take new issues in and make it a tapping intensive. 

And now I'm on the aftermath roller coaster, taking walks, tapping and napping, basically enjoying a soothing and serene time in life, punctuated by moments of complete hysteria, melt downs and irrational bitchiness.  Typical.   

Iney Byfield
CEO, Designs by Iney
Charlottesville, VA



SOAR Workshop 

I've attended seminars and retreats before with the intention of breaking through barriers to happiness only to find myself disappointed in the results. I had begun to become cynical about the broken promises of the self-help bandwagon and only half believed that I could ever fully relax... after many dollars spent on everything from yin yoga to life coaching. Plus, too many people leading the way treated me like I was broken and needed fixed. 

Then came along Anne. 

I had casually heard of EFT before and even had one practitioner perform Thought Field Therapy (a close relative of EFT) on me years before, as if I were a lab experiment! I believed that "any of those tapping things" just didn't work on me. Luckily, Anne gave a free talk and demonstration which I attended because she came so highly recommended. I immediately felt at ease with Anne and had a helpful session that evening. She explains things in a way that makes the process accessible and effective. This is the reason I attended the workshop. 

I arrived with much resistance and had to face my fear of speaking in front of a group of people as the weekend progressed. Every time I had something to say, I performed EFT on myself beforehand. After much wisdom and simple exercises given to us by Anne, I became more in tune with my core issues around my fear of speaking publicly. I worked on them using her teaching of how to best tap the healer within. By Sunday I was skipping up to the microphone and feeling natural and at ease talking with all those people watching! That is a breakthrough! 

Anne has a down-to-earth method to her teaching. I always felt compassion coming from her and she believed in me when I was unsure, treating me as an equal. I feel safe with Anne because she has pure, powerful caring emanating from her as she works magic through her intuition and direction. Plus, she is realistic about how to use this practice, along with positive affirmations and the law of attraction, while still honoring life's imperfection. 

If you are willing to change for the better, I encourage you to take a workshop with Anne. 

M. Briese
Charlottesville, VA



SOAR Workshop 

I just wanted to thank you, Anne, for a great weekend at your SOAR workshop.  I found the things that we learned useful and easy apply to everyday life.  I loved doing the vision boards and found the entire experience uplifting and transformative. I love your work! 

Thanks again,

Donna Donovan



EFT/Tapping Workshop


Let the celebration of mutual admiration begin. Your uplifting presence, the energy and dynamism of your voice and the power of your workshop...wow, wow, wow. 

You are the light. 

Rev. Emile Gauvreau
Ft. Myers, FL



EFT/Tapping Workshop

Again I just want to thank you for this precious discovery.  EFT

When challenges appear I find that I am calmer and take time out to find the pluses, little they might be. I walk about expressing gratitude and I feel like I am walking on air! It feels so, so good. I live in the "now" as I go about and I am seeing things I would have missed, little things. 

I have got to work on finding that intuitive self and attract to myself what I desire. Trusting the Wisdom that created me. 

Daily, I prepare myself to take on the day's challenge and getting ready for next year. 

Hollywood, FL



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