Divine Manifesto

The Divine Manifesto

As spiritual entrepreneurs, our visions are so big that sometimes we ache. 

We want them so badly. But at the same time we’re afraid of that if we get what we want, we’re afraid we will lose a part of ourselves along the way.

Here’s another thing: Our visions require money.  Money that we want so much.  But money we are equally afraid of having.  And so we push it away.


We’re afraid that in order to get the money we really want, it means selling our soul in the process.

So we struggle to make ends meet and we never quite get what we want. We de-value our gifts.  We price our healing at a low price point.  (Or, worse yet, we offer it on a love offering basis, saying “Well, pay me what you can.”  Let’s call this “thrift store pricing.”)

Are you effing kidding me???

Do you have any idea how powerful your gifts are?

Do you know the difference you are making in your clients’ lives?

Do you know that without you, your clients would remain in their pain?

Do you know that?

You may think that having money isn’t spiritual.

You have it backward, my friend:

It is not spiritual to give your gifts away.

It is not spiritual to diminish the effectiveness and the power of those gifts.

It is not spiritual to minimize your value to your clients.

Frankly, I am so tired of spiritual entrepreneurs patting themselves on the back while they struggle with money and then justify it by saying “Well, at least I’m spiritual.”

Please, let’s get this straight:  It is not spiritual to be poor.  It is not spiritual to be struggling to make ends meet. It is not righteous to wish you could afford organic food or green products. It is not spiritual to skip out on self-care because you are so busy taking care of others.  (That’s a no-brainer, right?)

And here’s the real kicker to this situation:  Ironically, when you de-value your gifts and offer them to your clients at Wal-Mart (or worse yet, thrift store) prices, you are having the exact opposite effect you want to have. You are doing yourself – and your clients – a huge disservice.

You perpetuate the lie that your gifts are not valuable.  And in your fear to “charge appropriately” for your gifts, you are actually cutting yourself off from the Infinite source of wealth.

You are cutting yourself off from the incredible, unlimited abundance of the Divine.

When you believe the lies like:

“I’m just not going to have money in this lifetime,” or

“Other spiritual leaders didn’t ask for money – they received love offerings – therefore I should just receive love offerings,” or

“My gifts are from the Divine, so I shouldn’t charge for them,”

When you believe these lies, you are minimizing your gifts, and you are minimizing the power of your gifts.

Why is this?  Because people value what they pay for.

When your clients have skin in the game, they’ll take your work with them MUCH more seriously.

So guess what?  It’s time to stop doing that.  Just. Cut. It. Out!   You deserve so much more than that.  You are blessed by the Divine.  Your gifts are of the Divine.  You are of the Divine.

So then here’s the question…

What if you could have both?

What if you could have spirituality and money (and an abundance of it), and not feel like you’re selling your soul to the devil?

What would that look like?

Personally, I think it would look like a whole new world.  I think it would look like money in the hands of people who could transform the world around them.

It would look like money in the hands of the healers, money in the hands of the conscious entrepreneurs – those who give to others (and who have more to give), who support organic foods, and green living, and who support other healers and conscious entrepreneurs.  Money in the hands of those who share (and create) their visions of a bigger, better world.

Your greatest gifts – your healing abilities – are to be honored and valued.  Your intuitive abilities – are precious and Divinely-given.  Your love, your passion for healing, your passion for your profound healing abilities – are all deep, rich spiritual gifts, and are to be treasured and honored, not given away.

You know the truth.  You know that having money is spiritual, because it allows you to live your life in a rich, full manner.  It allows you to share your abundance with others.  It allows you to support other spiritual entrepreneurs and healers.  It allows you to give more, to be more, to learn more, to share more.

You see, once you realize (really realize) that having money IS spiritual, then you actually become that.  You stop the struggle.  You stop charging bargain-basement prices.  (And you stop chasing bargain-basement prices, too!)  And it is then that you share this new place of being with everyone around you.  Because when you do, you give them permission to step into their bigger vision of spirituality, as well.  (And they will.)

That, my friend, is spirituality.  True, rich, deep spirituality.  Won’t you join me in changing the world?

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