Divine Coaching Spotlights


In just two short months after joining the Divine Diamond Program,
I signed on three new clients and generated $8500!

Maria Sowden Weingarden

I had been trying to build my business for some time and felt like I was really struggling – to the point where I felt like giving up.  Rather than quitting, I decided to work with Anne privately.

Together, we quickly clarified who my ideal clients are, where to find them and how to connect with them. What a relief!

In just two short months after joining the Divine Diamond Program I signed three new clients and generated $8500 in business!

Maria Sowden-Weingarden




Within the first 3 months of working with Anne I was able to grow my business from a couple hundred dollars a month to $1,200 a month! Then it grew to $2,400 a month and beyond even that!

 SherryBowersI had a successful part-time business for many years. But it wasn’t growing the way I wanted it to and when I met Anne, I had just relocated to a different state.  I was struggling: trying to transition my part-time business into a full-time business and do it quickly. At the time I had to borrow money to pay rent and was contemplating going back to a J.O.B.

I decided to work with Anne as a Divine Diamond.  Within the first 3 months of working with Anne I was able to grow my business from a couple hundred dollars a month to $1,200 a month! Then it grew to $2,400 a month and beyond even that!

She was able to help me with my mindset and seeing the value I actually bring to people with the work I do, as well as, teaching me the practical business skills, like how to be clear with my offers, how to set clear boundaries, and how to reach out and talk to people about my work. This was one of my weakest skills and developing it has made all the difference!

Her wisdom, compassion and ability to zero in on where you are stuck and help you shift through it is amazing.

Thank you, Anne! I am grateful beyond words!

Sherry Schott Bowers



 In one week, I signed up four new clients and over $11,000 in business!

JulieRamige2-smallI had been doing lots of free calls and they had been getting great results with just one call but only one contacted me saying she wanted to work with me.

Then, on one of my coaching calls, Anne said (again) “Let the Universe in! You've got to follow-up with these people!”

I did; they said yes, so far it’s been an amazing 50% saying YES!

In one week, I signed up four new clients and over $11,000 in business!

I have cash coming in. I have clients that want to work with me. It was such an awakening experience. And I so see the benefit of follow-up calls.

Thank you, Anne, for your help!  It has been invaluable! I would never have been able to do this without your support.   I am so excited!

Julie Ramige



After one call with Anne, I closed the sale for $3,000!

DawnShedrickAs a psychotherapist and Interfaith Minister, I have been trained to not ask for the business, although I've had thriving businesses. I recently switched my focus in my business to that of business coach for service-based professionals and had a referral sales conversation.  It was uncomfortable and awkward, because I was nervous.

After one call with Anne about how I was being in the sales conversation, I saw what I was doing.  On my second call with this person, I let go of my anxiety and totally focused on her and her needs.  Needless to say, I closed this sale for $3,000! 

Sales are so wonderful when done right!  And Anne is a sales genius!

Rev. Dawn Shedrick
The Blissful Biz Coach



KrisProchaskaI recently decided to move away from offering single sessions to offering packages to my clients. I felt very stuck and challenged with implementing this new method of offering my services. I decided to work with Anne as a Platinum Mastermind client to make this transition easier.

After just two sessions with Anne, I sold my first package for $1,200 to a client, and another package for $3,500 just a week later!

Not only was it easy, it was fun!

I feel more clear about who I serve, what I have to offer, and where to focus my efforts in marketing. I knew having a coach would help me step into the business I'd always dreamed of having--and I'm just getting started!

I am so excited to see what the next 6 months will bring in my business and in my life!

Kris Prochaska, MA, LMHC
Author of Life Well Spoken



Just one month after I started to work with Anne privately, 
I have 10 private clients coming to see me on a regular basis every 2 weeks!  

WOW! I didn´t think that it would go that fast!!! 

NicoleSchoneman2-smAnne is incredible! 

Before I started to work with Anne privately, I was deadly scared by the idea of phoning a potential client and offering my service. Now, one month later I ENJOY the deep connection I´m having with a potential client, when I´m holding a strategy session. It´s a very deep intimate experience and I feel so blessed doing this. 

Having a “sales conversation” is no more a hairy scary thing and it has nothing to do with me, my worth or the worth of my work. It´s all about being of service to help people by showing them how their pain can be resolved. And also to help them get their blocks of accepting this help out of the way. 

So: one month after I started to work with Anne privately, I reached my first goal and have 10 private clients coming to see me on a regular basis every 2 weeks. WOW! I didn´t think that it would go that fast!!!

Again, thank you so much!                                                                                                                          

Nicole Schonemann



TikoshiaI can't even begin to explain how awesome Anne's coaching is and how much it has transformed my business!

I will start by saying that before working with her I was reaching what I thought was the end of my business. I was seriously contemplating closing my doors and going to get a job!

She has been like an angel sent to save me and my wonderful business. She is understanding, compassionate, and empowering.

Within two weeks of coaching with her around networking, I was able to successfully attract 3 new clients who invested $3000!

Wow! I never knew I could do it and I did!

Thanks Anne!!

Tikoshia Davis
Creative Solutions Engineer




IngaKrastinaAfter being in the Divine Business Club for about six months, I had a Divinely Intuitive™ Business Reading with Anne.  It was then that I knew that I really wanted to work with Anne on much deeper level.  So I signed up to work with her as a Divine Diamond client. 

To begin with, I am amazed by my inner changes. I totally trust Anne and know that following her guidelines and doing the “stuff” she asks me to do will bring me the results I want. 

Anne teaches so much not only by offering her knowledge, but by being who she is – I observe the way she leads the calls, does tapping, her gentle, non-judgmental, yet humorous way, how she sees the Divine in us and I know – yes, this is how I want to be with my clients too. 

I feel much clearer about so many aspects of my business: I am more confident, expecting success - landing a long-term client doesn’t seem such an achievement anymore, but rather something that cannot fail to happen.   (It has already happened!)  Anne helps me to access my inner wisdom, my intuition … and to trust myself. 

Anne is very generous with resources, be it an unexpected gift or some extra time, or a so-needed email of encouragement and support; not to mention the Divine Business Club itself that is such a gift and extremely great value for money.   

I’ve taken some other programmes with other coaches, much more expensive, and I’m still in awe what Anne offers in her club for that monthly price!

Plus, I absolutely love Wealth CD affirmations and still listen to it almost every day – it is so uplifting and inspirational! 

Thank you, Anne, from the bottom of my heart!                                 

I love working with you!

Inga Krastina



My client base has tripled since working with Anne!

DonnaWardI am so pleased and excited because I am doing what I just couldn't do for the past 3 years. I didn’t feel confident in being able to fully deliver what I KNEW I could.  This lack of confidence stopped me from moving forward, and was causing me not to put myself out in the public eye and be visible as the expert I know I am. 

Then I tapped with Anne on this, and that fear went away! I was able to immediately start taking action the very next day. I have weekly calls and am building my list each week, too, which is a huge thing for an internet marketing visibility campaign!

It has been huge in building my confidence and in helping so many others build their online businesses.  

To top it all off, my client base has tripled since working with Anne! 

Donna Ward


As a Divine Diamond, I found my confidence in myself growing and growing.   I created several programs and got private clients, but ultimately I submitted a corporate proposal for social media and blogging.   I was nervous, but thanks to the coaching I received from Anne, I did it anyway.  
And they said yes!   They are ready to sign a contract with me!   This one corporate account amounts to what used to be 10 private clients per month!   And now I can go get other corporate accounts.   I am so thrilled!  
What a relief to finally “get it” – to get the clarity to know what I can and actually want to do!   This was priceless!  
Thank you, Anne!



DebbieHobarI have absolutely adored working with you, Anne. You have had a monumental impact on my life.  When I first came to you I had so many issues, and so things going on.  You brought so much clarity to all of those situations.  You gave me understanding about a lot of things that were going on that I just didn’t have a name for.  I learned how my thoughts, positive vs. negative, were creating my life.

When I got that in perspective - just the thought element - it was so instrumental in turning my life around 360!  I’ve learned I am the creator of my own happiness and now I don’t rely on other people or require situations to make me happy.  I’ve really learned that it’s totally within.

It has been so empowering working with you.  I get off the phone - especially after tapping - and I feel like I can take on the whole world!  I may have had a situation that I thought I couldn’t figure out, but in an hour or so, you have helped me untangle it and see it from an entirely new perspective.  In addition, I then know what I need to do to resolve it.  In particular, you take the emotional component out and it gets smoothed over.  I feel so much better!

I have learned I can manifest in ways that I never dreamt, which has shocked me so totally and made me feel so powerful.  This was so new for me, and oh wow, it is so freeing to realize this!

I understand the process now.  Anyone – at any walk in life - can implement this process in their own life.  That’s what is so wonderful.  Their situation may be dire, but they can still transform the situation.

If everyone could just get one hour of your time, the world would be a better place!

Thank you so much!

Debbie Henry



I feel so much more confident in stepping out and playing bigger.

Karen WilliamsAs a copywriter for healers, I have spent so much money on courses, certifications and trainings to become a better writer. I’ve learned all about marketing and sales. I knew that I was good at what I did, and I just couldn’t figure out why I was struggling so much to grow my business.  

Anne helped me discover and address the missing link to my business success – my mindset. After just a few sessions of tapping on my fears and working with negative beliefs (you know the ones: “I can’t do this, this is too hard, I don’t know what to do…”), I attracted some new, ideal clients, and had several sales calls.

I feel so much more confident in stepping out and playing bigger so that I can make a difference in the world.

I’m experiencing so much clarity about my work (my niche), who I came here to serve (my target market) and I’m actually taking action steps to create the prosperous business I want!

I could not have experienced this transformation on my own. I’m so grateful for Anne!

Karen Williams



I took Anne's workshop and then decided to join her Platinum Mastermind group (now Divine Diamond program) to transform my business, to transform my life to moving into a place of being visible. And my journey to four wheels of my car is to eliminate, to display the truth, integrity, authenticity and believing in myself. Those are the wheels that are once they were flat tires, four flat tires.

Now, I’m striving and Anne has pumped up the tires with her love, her support, her belief in us. It’s just turned plain and simple enthusiasm.

With the light that comes through her eyes, it makes everything believable. And so, I’m standing in my truth of being visible for everyone to see that they can do it, too. And hopefully they may have the chance to meet Anne and join her group.

Neva Rayne



Now I know how to tune in and ask for guidance ...
and I’m able to receive messages from my intuition.

Before I participated in the Inner Circle I was always dashing around trying to make things happen; I was always spinning around in my head trying to find my way in my business. I was never quite sure which direction to turn and which piece to try and deal with next.

I discovered that I am actually quite intuitive and my intuition has always been trying to give me messages but I was just being too busy to stop and listen before now.

Now I know how to tune in and ask for guidance, that I can ask for help and it will show up, and I’m able to receive messages from my intuition.

It’s been an absolutely fantastic course and I’m really grateful to Anne for giving me such great support and encouragement as I’ve gone through the process.

I would highly recommend learning about how our intuition works – and working with Anne – to anybody who wants to connect to their inner guidance so they can move forward on a really solid basis.

Thank you very much, Anne!

Linda Anderson



I have gone from not knowing what intuition is
to completely trusting the information I receive
and making confident decisions to act upon that information.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the amazing power of working with you.

I am filled with awe to think of the immense influence you and your incredible gifts have had on me, and the degree to which I have grown personally and spiritually through my two-year acquaintance with you. I have gone from not knowing what intuition is to completely trusting the information I receive and making confident decisions to act upon that information.

My business - and my life - have both profited in innumerable ways because of this!

Anyone reading this testimonial would be fortunate, because it means that they are about to change their life in amazing ways!

Betsy Cobb
Charlottesville, VA


RevKimberlyFrancanoAs part of Anne’s Platinum Mastermind group (now Divine Diamond program), I gained skills and tools to know how to move my business into the new direction, how to make more money and how to interact with others  in their bringing their selves together so that I can learn more fully how to bring myself more fully into my business.

I’m so grateful I did this.  Thank you, Anne!

Rev. Kimberly Francano

If you’re considering hiring a business coach,
seriously consider working with Anne Presuel.

LynnRickI just spent six months with Anne Presuel and her Platinum Mastermind group (now Divine Diamond program) with an international crowd of people.

My wife, Lynn, and I have gotten everything that we intended from this program.

We started with one business, completely rebranded ourselves and then went into a business based on our passions and our experiences.  It was truly amazing.  We’ve even begun to get clients already!

I would totally recommend this program.

If you’re considering hiring a business coach, seriously consider working with Anne Presuel.

Rick Lelchuk

JaneMorrisonAnne is the person I go to when I’m confused, stressed, and need clarity in my life or business. What she does best is help me see where I am getting in my own way, especially where I am not living authentically and in alignment with my being-ness.

Anne is an expert at helping me zero in on exactly the energy I need to shift to get out of my funk, and once that’s done, I feel a renewed sense of  enthusiasm and am delighted to be back on track. She’s gentle, yet persistent, and holds me accountable to my own true heart’s desires.

I love and value her wisdom and healing touch!

Jane Morrison
“It’s Your Time to Shine”

Before I worked with Rev. Anne I was completely blocked.  It was impacting me physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  My family’s finances had not improved in over five years.  I was holding myself accountable for things that I had no control over. 

SharonGourlay5During our tapping session, Rev. Anne helped me in less than a minute to figure out what my block was.  That block was one of deserving.  I finally had a name for what had been holding me back for five years!

Rev. Anne is an amazing coach and healer.  Because of our working together I have been able to see things I hadn’t seen before.  We used EFT and affirmations and I was delighted to see the energy was so gentle, calm, and so peaceful.

Wonderful things happened to my family in a very short time following our time together, including my husband getting a job back in his profession again and my winning a scholarship to attend a seminar weekend for my business!

I feel like I have a new approach to parenting and life.  I am now able to approach my business and healing work with better clarity, connection, and understanding.

Thank you for your gentle and loving way, Rev. Anne.  I totally support your work and recommend your services to everyone!

With deepest gratitude!

Sharon Gourlay C.Ht, HBCE, HBIMI,BA, RMT

I had my first sales call with a prospective client and closed her for $2,000!
It was so easy and fun!  

JessicaCarterMonths ago, I set an intention to hire a sales team to hit the streets with my video program.  I had thought about this program for months, talked about it, ran the idea by people, and still procrastinated! Then I said it's time! I put the program down on paper.  That very afternoon, I got a call from an agency asking to white label our services. We have signed an agreement to have their sales force resell our services. 

In addition, I had my first sales call with a prospective client and closed her for $2,000!  It was so easy and fun! 

This all started when I listened to Rev. Anne Presuel's free phone call about her Sacred Sexy Sales program and I heard her laugh throughout her presentation.

I knew in my heart that she was the right person to listen to and learn about sales from because she loved sales with an authentic, joyous spirit. I knew that she had something I wanted to be and knew that, in order to model someone, you need to spend time with them. So, without hesitation, I registered for her Sacred Sexy Sales class. 

Boy, am I glad I did!

Jessica Carter Brace

I feel more powerful in several ways: I feel more free and more adaptable, and I am putting a higher value on myself and the worth of my service.   

Dear Anne –

I’m thinking of you with such fondness.  I cannot thank you enough for working with me as you did.
Nothing I have tried with anyone else – either directly (talk therapy) or indirectly (books, tapes, etc.) – has even “sort of” helped as much.  You helped me release some old deep troublesome pains that were standing in the way of my progress toward long-desired goals.

Interestingly, my awareness of these changes has stayed; there is no muddy or foggy forgetfulness, no glossing over the realness of the experiences we cleared, no sense of loss - other than the absence of pain!

Your tapping treatment allows the past to become truly past.

You gave me the chance to be authentic in a protected environment, and helped me really learn how to honor myself. 

I feel more powerful in several ways: I feel more free and more adaptable, and I am putting a higher value on myself and the worth of my service, and I have an increased belief in my ability to make excellent income now.  I have a better understanding of my true goals.

Thank you so much!  

Love, Barbara

Barbara Nelson
Denver, CO

She signed up for my highest priced package!

LisaSmithAnne helped me use a more simple process for strategy sessions with prospective clients. 

In a recent session with a potential client, she signed up for my highest priced package, despite the fact that she stated that she didn't have money to invest in coaching right now!

Thank you, Anne!                                                                                     

Lisa Smith
The Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

 I LOVE YOU…  Nobody else I have ever met was so full of,
and willing to share, that kind - or amount of - energy.

Jeanne Bruce-PhillipsI LOVE YOU.   Not a week goes by that I don't stop and think about how much better my life is because I met you. The loving intensity of your energy and the commitment with which you shared it with me as we did our work together - the way you stayed right there in the trenches with me as you were helping me to clear... 

Nobody else I have ever met was so full of, and willing to share, that kind - or amount of - energy. 

It was a gift to me like no other I had ever received, and I will always, in all ways, be grateful for it.        


Jeanne Bruce-Phillips
Charlottesville, VA

Within a month of beginning to work with Anne,
I signed up my first long-term client! 

SusanDAmicoI just love my business mentor, Rev. Anne Presuel!  She is the most loving and soul-connected spirit. You can feel her love and passion in what she does. She is down to earth and personable. I love her mission statement and the beautiful gifts she offers. Anne is very supportive in your personal growth and in your business growth. 

My soul desired and wanted to work with her and the Universe said “here you go.”  And within a month of beginning to work with her as a Divine Diamond client, I signed up my first long-term client!  Our conversation was so amazing, beautiful and Spirit-driven!  We both just clicked together beautifully.

I highly recommend Anne if you are just starting a business or already in business. 

Thank you, Anne! You’re the best. 

Love and Blessings, 

Susan J. D'Amico

I am enrolling new clients in a hitherto unimagined
and totally graceful way!

LizAaronWorking with Rev. Anne is such a pleasure. She is not only Divine and Intuitive, but smart, savvy, and oh, so connected to each of the people on the training calls. She takes the time to connect with each of us on a level that makes you feel heard and understood. 

Since becoming a client of hers, I have had many breakthroughs in my life, the greatest one being just since the beginning of this year which has changed my entire trajectory.

Watch out world! Here comes one strong, powerful, grounded woman, thanks to Rev. Anne who has held my hand and guided me. 

I am enrolling new clients in a hitherto unimagined and totally graceful way! 


Liz Gilson Aaron

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life;
I realized how truly connected I am
to what I’m doing with my work

MoiraHutchisonI’ve just participated in Anne Presuel’s Platinum Mastermind (now Divine Diamond program) and you know, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I realized how truly connected I am to what I’m doing with my work and how and why I’m doing it.  I highly recommend it to everyone!

Moira Hutchinson

 What I got from working with Anne was that I am way more intuitive
than I ever gave myself credit for,
that I’m getting guidance all the time!
Now I know how to tune in to it and act on it. 

ClairePerkinsBefore working with Anne, I was really confused about where I was headed with my business and I wasn’t that all sure about how to tune in to my intuition. 

What I learned was that I am way more intuitive than I ever gave myself credit for, that I’m getting guidance all the time!

And now I know how to tune in to it and act on it.

Now, I’m really clear about where I’m going with my business and I’m excited about jumping in and doing the work that needs to be done. And I have some wonderful tools to move my business forward! 

Thank you, Anne! 

Claire Perkins
Author, Deep Water Leaf Society: Harnessing the Transformative Power of Grief

 I just closed another high end client for 40% more $$$ than I was charging before!

(That’s three total in two weeks!)

MatthewHoelscher2More importantly, at the beginning of the sales conversation my fear starting telling me how she didn’t have any money and that I was taking advantage of her. But then I looked at the passion in her eyes and I knew that I could take her to place in 3 months where the money I asked for as an investment would be peanuts compared to what she could be making!

I offered and shut up! I could FEEL her nervousness and discomfort. That used to make me feel bad too! That alone would keep me from offering in the first place. And it would keep me for asking what I am worth.

Now, I realize that this is them sitting in their opportunity for growth! And when they take the challenge, it is the BEST feeling in the world! Thanks for the big sh*t, Anne!

Matthew Hoelscher

Mande White, MBA

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