Plan Your Divine Year – 2021

Create a year filled with fun & freedom

(& your very own fabulousness!)

Oh, yes… and yummy clients, too!


Dear Divine Entrepreneur –


 Here comes 2021! 


Do you know where your business is? 

Do you know where it's heading? 

Are you ready to create a truly Divine year? 


As you enter into the new year, ask yourself ...

  • Did going without a solid plan and just winging it last year bring the results I wanted?
  • Do I know what I want in 2021 (and how to create it)?
  • Have I manifested the business I want and if not, do I know how I’m going to do that?
  • Have I ever asked my business what it wants and needs?

Woman concerned

If the answer to any of these questions is "no," then you're in the right place.




As a business coach for Divinely-guided entrepreneurs (healers, coaches, holistic practitioners, intuitives, energy therapists), I have discovered that many of my Divine community spends so much time focusing on the doing parts of their business that they get overworked and overwhelmed without seeing real progress. 


They don’t spend enough time

getting themselves

aligned with their guidance …

which will create the real results.


There are a lot of reasons for this. I’m sure you’ve noticed how many pieces there are to running your business – so much so that many times your own deep inner work gets put on hold.



What if you took a little time for yourself?

What if you took a little time for your business?

What if you spent some time getting clear about how YOU want 2021 to be? 


Woman Thinking


Because if you were to do this, your chances of creating what you want are much, much greater.    


Years ago, I began to hold a sacred ceremony for myself at the beginning of each year where I celebrated the year that passed, I blessed it, thanked it and released it... and then co-created with the Divine what I intended to create in the new year.  

Woman Candle


And every year, I have found myself to be delightfully surprised to see how many of those intentions manifested. 


Why is this?


Because of these three things:


 Old energies were released.

New, initiating energies were received.

An activation of the Divine new energies was received.


You can do this, too.


You are invited …




to experience my very own powerful, secret ritual

so you can

create your own Divine vision

for a powerfully abundant year!



Saturday, January 9, 2021

from 12 – 4 pm Eastern


Here’s what you’ll get:


The afternoon is broken down into three modules. Each one will support you in creating and activating your Divine Vision. 


Module 1:  Your Divine Release


Module 1 will take a look at the past year and ask:  

  • What worked for you?
  • What are you celebrating?
  • What didn’t work for you?
  • What didn’t happen that you wish had happened?
  • What would you like to have done differently?
  • What outcome did you experience that you would like to have had different?

Together, we will let go of the “shoulds.” We will bless and release the things that you wish to release so that you will be better prepared for creating the new.  


In this module, we will go through a gentle 

Releasing Ritual, wherein...

  • Your own Divine guidance will tell you what your spirit is ready to release.
  • You will understand and appreciate how your experiences have taught you, have blessed you, and how they have set you up for a much more successful 2021!
  • You will get clarity about what you need to do, and when.


Module 2:  Activate Your Divine Vision


In this sacred module, you will create (and activate) your Divine vision for 2021. You decide what you want to manifest and you will get clear about what you need to do to create your Divine vision.


We will set your intentions for a fabulous new year.


Module 2 will take you deep into the heart of creating your vision:  

  • What is it that you want?
  • Why is it that you want it?
  • What is the best way for you to create it?

You will get clear about what you need to do to create your Divine vision.


You will also be given guidance on what not to do (which is equally important)!


You will understand at a much deeper level what actions you need to take to create your Divine vision.


We will complete Module 2 with a future vision meditation where you will connect with the energy of your business and with your Divine Business Angel to get guidance and direction about your vision for 2021. 


In this meditation, you will receive an energy activation, Your Divine Vision Activation wherein...

  • You will meet yourself in the future, and get guidance on your sacred vision.
  • You will get receive wisdom and clarity about why your Divine vision is so important. (This alone will help you create what you want!).
  • You will know what actions you need to take next to implement your Divine vision.
  • You will experience a connection with your beautiful business in a way that will support you in doing what you need to do, when you need to do it as you move through your year.
  • Ultimately, you will know beyond any shadow of a doubt that you are Divinely guided, each step of the way.


Module 3:  Align Your Divine Vision for 2021


In Module 3 we will look at the vision you created for 2021 and we will look at any resistance or fears you have coming up around your ability to create this vision.


We will look at some very practical steps that you can take to create your Divine vision.


In this module, we will go over my Divine Four Pillars, a marketing concept so basic and so practical, you'll get it right away. 


The Divine Four Pillars ...

  • Will help you eliminate any Bright Shiny Object temptation so that you can stay focused and clear as you implement your Divine vision.
  • Will help you know exactly what to do each day so that you don't waste your time and energy on things that have little return on your investment.
  • Will show you what pitfalls to avoid as you implement your Divine vision for 2021.
  • Will support you in being able to build a strong, healthy, sustainable and abundant business in 2021!

You also will get very clear about what support you need, and what skills you’ll want to develop so that you can manifest your Divine Vision. 


You will walk away from this module feeling clear and peaceful. You will be standing in a place of faith and co-creation with the Divine.


Your Divine Bonus

You will also receive one of my very popular training calls (with mp3 & pdf transcript), entitled:


“It’s a New Year! 

Make it Your Best One Yet!”


Divine Business Club training - It's a New Year!


This training call anchors many of the concepts taught in the Plan Your Divine Year workshop. 

More than that, it helps you understand exactly how you can create the business you want to create, simply and easily. 

I loved the Plan Your Divine Year! Oh my God… that was so cool.  It was so great to be able to sit down and plan my year with a group of people.  I know that I wouldn’t have taken that time to create it otherwise.

And the visualization was so powerful; I really saw what I wanted my year to be.  And while I haven’t reached all of my goals, I have reached most of them.  It was very, very powerful!  I can’t wait to do it again this year! 

Linda J. Wells, MSEd

Plan Your Divine Year is the only New Year's Resolution I have. I can't imagine beginning my year any other way. Anne helps me get clear on my biggest desires for the year and then guides me through a clearing process to eliminate the blocks standing in my way.

It is three hours of focus, intention, and Divine connection that allows me to dream bigger, plan smarter, and create massive change in my life, year after year. 

Kristina Shands
Messaging & Marketing Coach + Copywriter

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Why should I take the time to do this?

Let’s face it, many times in our businesses (and in our lives), we are operating on autopilot. We aren’t fully conscious of how we are creating our lives in the moment.


When you take the time to connect with your Divine guidance, to release energetically what hasn’t worked in the past (and how you feel about those losses), and then create from that space of openness, your ability to manifest what you want is amplified significantly. 


Plan Your Divine Year is like having a sacred healing treatment - for the afternoon … with your business. You will come away rested, recharged and re-inspired to create the year you want to create, and you will have the tools to do just that. 


Plan Your Divine Year is your opportunity to give yourself the gift of getting very, very clear about where you want to go in 2021, of creating the vision of what you want, and of releasing what is in the way of creating it. 


Most of all, it is your opportunity to consciously co-create with the Divine.


What if I cannot attend the whole time?


No worries. Our Divine community is home to people all over the world and not everyone can attend live when my programs are scheduled.  (Isn’t that the beauty and wonder of an online business?) 


You will be able to download the mp3s and listen at your convenience, and when the transcripts are complete, you'll have them to peruse and highlight, as well.


Best of all, you will still be able to connect and network with others taking the class in the Facebook group provided.


So to recap, here’s what you’ll get with the Plan Your Divine Year workshop:


Module 1 – Your Divine Release

Module 2 – Activate Your Divine Vision 

Module 3 – Align Your Divine Vision 


Plus, Your Divine Bonus: It’s a New Year: Make it Your Best One Yet!


Just one month after working with Anne privately,
I have 10 private clients coming to see me
on a regular basis every 2 weeks!  

WOW! I didn’t think that it would go that fast!!!

Nicole Schoneman
Anne is incredible!

Before I started to work with Anne privately, I was deadly scared by the idea of phoning a potential client and offering my service.

Now, one month later I ENJOY the deep connection I’m having with a potential client, when I’m holding a strategy session. It’s a very deep intimate experience and I feel so blessed doing this.

One month after I started to work with Anne privately, I reached my first goal and have 10 private clients coming to see me on a regular basis every 2 weeks.

WOW! I didn’t think that it would go that fast!!!

Thank you so much!          

Nicole Schonemann


Here’s what you’ll REALLY get:


A Divinely-connected,

Divinely-provided vision for 2021

for your beloved business!



Let’s create a very blessed,
very beautiful, and very bountiful 2021!


Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business


p.s.  Your work is profoundly sacred work.  It has been Divinely-given.  And you are Divinely-guided. 

You are being the change you wish to see in the world. 

Any time the Universe puts a dream in your heart, the way to create that dream is also provided.  This class – and these tools – will support you in having your dream become Divinely-manifested. 



Get Your Divine On