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Where Are You Being Cared For?

When I returned home recenbly from my daughter’s college graduation, my husband and I discovered that our washing machine had died. As had the refrigerator. (The fridge had been going before I left, so this wasn’t as much of a surprise, although it was a frustration.) So, it being Memorial

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What Do You REALLY Want?

Last Thursday, my daughter, my only baby, graduated from college. And the Saturday before that, my nephew graduated from college. (Exciting, huh? Oh, yeah, Baby!)   When asked about their futures, they had similar answers, but very different plans. My daughter, Christina, wants to get a job in her field

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Check Those Thoughts at the Door!

A new friend on Twitter asked me this week “How do you stay so positive and upbeat?” I told her that I’m not always like that, but that EFT has made a huge difference in my life in being able to be that way a lot of the time. My

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