What Story Do You Tell Yourself?"

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Whatever kind of word thou speakest, the like shall thou hear.”    – The Greek Anthology

This week, I was talking with a client about her financial situation.  The conversation went something like this:

“I do so much of this spiritual stuff, and I’m happy all the time,” she said.  “Why am I not more financially abundant?”

“Great question,” I answered.  “Why aren’t you?”

“I really don’t know,” she answered.  I knew she was talking about the fact that she doesn’t feel as though she has enough money.  (This feeling is considered an inner conversation, a belief or a vibrational place from which she is creating, by the way.)

Now, because I know this client fairly well, and I know her lifestyle, I also know about the abundance she does have in her life.  (And frankly, pretty much all of us living in America has abundance, even if it isn’t the level we desire.)

Here’s the thing: in order for her to believe that she doesn’t have enough money in her life, she has to delete out the evidence that she does have enough money in many circumstance and that she does have some delicious wealth in many areas of her life.  I realize that it is not ALL of the areas she wants to have wealth in her life, and those are the areas she is feeling the lack in.

I asked her to take a look at her life to see all the ways in which she has wealth in her life.  I knew that on one level, she agreed with me about having all of those avenues of wealth.  However, in that moment, she couldn’t really let the truth of it in because her stronger belief was that she did not have financial wealth – and couldn’t see where she did.

As we tapped together, she began to relax her belief that she didn’t have wealth.  She began to change her relationship to that belief, and began to fully let in the awareness of where she experiences wealth.  She began to shift her beliefs, and began to change her story.

Our inner conversations are very powerful, because they are the stuff from which our lives are created.  And even when you have evidence to back up your story and you are telling the story about what you don’t want (in this example, my client has wealth as evidence in her life), it’s hard to let that other awareness in, because the prevailing belief (or vibration) is so strong.

What happens, however, when you change your story is that you change your experience.
Changing your story is that powerful.

Try this.  As you are aware of the story you are telling (about something you don’t want), tap on yourself as you are telling the story.  As you tap, you will begin to have some other thoughts.  Thoughts like, “Well, maybe it isn’t always like that.  As a matter of fact, I can remember a time when it wasn’t like that.”  This is what reframing the experience looks like.

When you want to create something in your life, it is imperative that you focus upon the feeling that whatever it is you want to create will bring you.  If you want abundance, then what is the feeling of abundance?  Focus upon that.  If you want love, then focus upon the feeling of love.  If you want peace, then focus upon the feeling of peace.

Tell stories – both in your own head and to other people – to match up to those feelings. This means that if you want abundance, then talk about the abundance you have.  Focus upon the feeling that that abundance brings you.  Feel it with joy.  (Here’s a secret tip, too:  the more intensely you feel it, the more quickly you will create it.)

What one thing are you going to focus upon changing your relationship to this week?  What story are you going to begin to tell differently?  What feeling are you going to shift?  What memory or story are you going to tap on?

Now, go create.  And have fun!

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