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How to Keep Wonder Alive

When my daughter was born years ago, my world changed. I often say that my heart cracked open that day. As she grew, I had the incredible joy of rediscovering the world with her.
When we went for a walk, we’d stop to watch a caterpillar walk past. Leaves would be an exploration of beauty and color. Everything became new. Every day there was something new to discover. 
It was like I was seeing the world for the first time. 
My life became filled with wonder
In business (and in life), we often become jaded and bored. We’ve seen this. Done that. Yeah, yeah.
We can become cynical about things, because well, building a business can easily become a series of monotonous actions if we let it.  Or, worse, perhaps we’ve been taken advantage of by someone because they didn’t have our best interests at heart. And we got hurt.
Years ago, I took a number of trainings from Landmark Education and we spent a lot of time on the subject of cynicism. I grew to have a whole new relationship with it, because I learned that cynicism is our way of protecting ourselves after we’ve been hurt?
It’s easier to be cynical than to be hopeful.
But while it’s easier, it’s a lot more painful. Because to walk through life with cynicism, you have to give up wonder. It means you’ve stopped looking for the miracles.
So, how do you reactivate wonder?
By looking for the miracles around you
because all of life is a miracle.
Listen to when someone tells you “Thank you.”  Truly hear them when they tell you “Thank you, that session was amazing!”  Let their appreciation into your heart. Stop dismissing it and thinking “Oh, anyone could have done that.” No. They couldn’t!
Look for the gifts you are given every single day. (There are a lot of them!) Remember that old saying… 
I complained about not having shoes
until I met a man who had no feet.
Develop an attitude of gratitude. Pay attention to the little things – those yummy comforts you have – and be grateful for them. Clean water. Clean air. A soft bed. Clean sheets and towels. A shower. Good food. A car to drive. Pets that love you. A flower that brightens your day.
Develop a “thank you” approach. Thank the world around you. Notice yourself when you have an amazing experience and thank the person who helped provide it for you.  Thank your angels for helping you out or for finding you a good parking space. Thank your husband for making coffee for you. 
Doing this will create your life anew.  
It will create your business anew.
You will create wonder and you will create magic.
But most of all…
You will BE magic! 
Until tomorrow…


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