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Miss I Don’t Believe You is Having a Party With…

Hey there, Divine One –

Earlier this week, I shared with you that I had gotten an email from someone saying, “Yeah, right, Anne!  Nobody can make that kind of money in such a short period of time!  I’m unsubscribing because you’re full of it!”

I’m now calling her Miss I Don’t Believe You. 

But what’s interesting is that she’s hanging out with a few of her friends…  Miss Yeah Right! and Miss It Won’t Work For Me. It would seem there’s a party going on over there.

I heard from Miss Yeah Right! soon after that email.  She said Miss I Don’t Believe You was right, and that this program is probably like so many others – full of promise (but low on delivery). 

Look I get it. I’ve felt that way myself.  I’ve felt betrayed by some of the coaches I’ve invested with.  But the big distinction is that I’m unwilling to have that story be my truth. I cleared my energy so that I could find the gold in those investments.

I think part of the problem is that Miss I Don’t Believe You and Miss Yeah Right! don’t really get this concept.  They don’t know me personally (which means they don’t know the level of integrity I operate at) and they aren’t familiar with the power of the energy technique we’ll be using in the program.

So just in case you’ve been thinking of going to their party instead of coming to my party, (which I’d really hate to see happen), I thought I’d email you today.

Let’s see if I can clarify some things for you … because I really want you to come to my party!


The $25K in 25 Days program is all about mindset.  It’s all about energy.  It’s all about beliefs.

You see, if you have a knee-jerk reaction to the title ($25K in 25 Days), then the truth of the matter is you’ve got some inner conversations, stories, and triggers kicking in (yay!).

For example, if you have a “yeah right!” moment about the title, that’s GREAT!  That means you’ve got a bit of a charge around either the amount of money or the amount of time (or both).  (Hey look, it’s ok, we all have them! Just don’t unpack your bags and move in!)

It’s the charge, that Divine Trigger, that we’re going to work on in this program because that’s the “yeah right!” inner conversations that keep your finances where they are.

When you clear the triggers, you have a much greater chance of actually manifesting what you want – in this case more money (and doing it quickly)!

Divine One, I am not promising you that you’ll make $25,000 in 25 days… not at all (although some will)!  What I am promising you is that you’ll be a whole lot clearer energetically to create $25,000 (or more!) in 25 days. 

Look, lovey, you deserve so much more than you are giving yourself right now.  I can say that with absolute certainty, even though I’ve never met you.  (Pretty much all of us deserve more than we are giving ourselves.)  And I want you to be a much clearer energetic space as you co-create your work, your money and your life.

THAT’s what we’ll be doing on our calls together.  Sound good?


Want to come to my party? 


We’ll be hanging out every day for 25 days (except Saturday and Sunday) for 25 minutes a day, starting July 25. 

The best part?  It’s only $25.  (And yes, there are replays as well as an incredible community already getting started!)

You’ve got everything to gain, and truly nothing to lose, except a few tired, old worn-out beliefs.

Go here to register:

$25K in 25 Days

I can’t wait to see you there! 

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business





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