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My intuition said yes and my life completely changed!

A Divinely Intuitive Awakening
My life changed two weeks ago. I mean completely changed.
My brother came for a visit and brought our dad with him. Now keep in mind I haven’t seen my father in 15 years! Remember how I shared aboutt my step-mother who died last year? Well, she was the gate-keeper and disliked me intensely, so she made it incredibly difficult for my father to be in a relationship with me. Other than the occasional phone call, he wasn’t a part of my life.
And my dad is now living with me.
Yeah, that much has changed.
To say that I am stunned is an understatement. And I’m every so delighted. And honored. And a tad overwhelmed.
I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt the first week he was here that we were to invite him to stay. My intuition was absolutely right about it. There is a sweetness to this experience that I never in a million years expected.
Two weeks ago this possibility wasn’t even on my radar. That’s how quickly life can change when you follow your guidance.
One of the sweetest things that happened was the first printing of my book arrived several days after my dad and brother came. Here I am unbelievably delighted (and a bit teary!) with those first 3 draft copies. (The experience of seeing them for the first time was pretty incredible.)
Immediately, my dad asked for a copy. (He even took it to bed with him!) He read it cover-to-cover in just days. He said he couldn’t put it down. (And there were parts in there that weren’t very flattering to him, I gotta say. But he didn’t take it personally, which I appreciate.)
Thanks for letting me share my journey with you. Doing so has added even more sweetness to this experience. Sometimes, my heart feels like it’s going to overflow with love and happiness…
So… for you, Divine One, if you want to get my book, you can do so below. 
Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D. (a neurosurgeon himself and the Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association and author of many, many books), said this about my book:
Looking for proof of miracles? Look no further.
Anne’s gripping journey from trauma to a new life filled with joy
holds lessons for us all. It is honest, heartwarming,
enlightening, and unputdownable!
 Highly recommended!
Go get yours today, lovey! It’s a really good read, if I do say so myself. 🙂

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