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3 Divinely Intuitive™ Energy Tools to Help You Get Clients Today!

Every intuitive, coach and healer I know is looking to build their client base.  Even if they aren’t needing clients today, they know they will at some point in time to ensure a good flow in their business.   


No clients = no money
No money = no business
No business = well, you name it

Energy Tools to fill your wallet

Clients are essential.  You can’t have a business without them. 

Alot of business coaches will help you with marketing and social media strategies that will help you get visible and draw in your ideal clients.  And those things are important.  Absolutely.  

But few of them will really dig into the behind-the-scenes world of energy.   Specifically, your energy. 

Energy is how you connect with the world around you.  It is how you draw your people into your world.  It is how you show up, how you handle your business and how you expand your capacity for managing more clients and projects.  

The question then becomes, how are you managing your own energy?    

And even more, how can you manage it so that you can help yourself create what it is you want – in your business and in your life? 

Here are three tips that can help: 

1.       Your energy, and your clients’ energy, is precious.  Your energy and your clients’ energy is a very beautiful, sacred resource, and one to be honored and treasured.  

So what does honoring your energy and that of your clients actually look like? 

  • It looks like being respectful of your time, your knowledge and your experience. 
  • It looks like being respectful of your clients’ time, their trust, their vulnerability, and their money. 
  • It looks like holding the space for their dreams and visions powerfully.  With honor.
  • It looks like sacred self-care.
  • It looks like healthy boundaries.
  • It looks like trusting their process and knowing that they unfold at their own pace – not yours.
  • It looks like understanding that their triggers and fears are theirs, and not yours.
  • It means under-promising and over-delivering (instead of the other way around).

When you honor your energy and that of your clients, you become even more client attractive, because you are coming from a place of power and honor, not a place of neediness.  Your work with your clients becomes even more powerful because it is what you know you are called to do.  And you are doing it for that reason, not because it is filling a void inside you that your ego must fill. 

2.       You unabashedly share yourself, unafraid of who sees or knows.  Even more than that, unafraid of what they think about you.  You let your light shine, or, as I like to say, You get your Divine ON!  

Sharing yourself is not about being in front of everyone all the time and always inserting yourself into every conversation so that you can be seen.  No, that’s the ego’s way of sharing.  (Oh, and that’s not sharing, by the way.  That’s trying to score attention, and coming from a place of neediness, fear and lack.) 

Sharing yourself, unabashedly unafraid, with the world, is about owning your power, your brilliance, your genius.  It is about understanding that nobody else sees the world the way you do, and that your Divine peeps can only hear your message from your lips – nobody else’s.  

And it’s about understanding that you don’t have to convert everyone (or convince them to become your client.  You only have to connect with the people who are perfect for you. 

When you understand that idea, then you let go of the fear that you are not enough, that others are better than you and so you’d better not shine too brightly for fear of being “taken down.”  And you naturally shine. 

Owning your power and shining your light are exactly what your Divine peeps are looking for.  Because when you do that, then they can, too.  

3.       Listen to the Divine.  Hands down, this is the biggest, most powerful tool in your tool box.  (Mine, too.)  When you listen… when you trust what you get to the point of taking action on it, then your business – and your life – transforms! 

Ignoring that still, small voice, or pretending it’s saying something when it really isn’t (i.e., using your intuition as an excuse to get out of something, or as an excuse to avoid making a decision) will result in big-time problems ahead.  Don’t do that to yourself.  Just don’t do it. 

When you understand the distinctions between the whispers of the Divine and the chatter of your ego it will make the difference between peace of mind, an easy flow of clients and abundance and expansion in your business or drama regarding relationships, money and marketing.  It really will. 

To honor your Divine downloads is sometimes uncomfortable and scary (for example, choosing to invest in yourself with a coach or a new team member or service).  But the Divine will never lead you wrong.  The trick is to get clear in your own mind as to what is the download and what is the ego … and then trust it by taking action.

Using these three main Divinely Intuitive™ tools will help you get clients.  It will help you get Divine clients!  It will help you build the business you want to build.  And it will allow your business to touch the world in the way in which you have been called to do.  And that’s a Divine business!





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