Bonus #2

How to Decide Which Direction To Go


So… what did you think about that non-dominant hand exercise you got as the first bonus?  Pretty great, huh?


Well, guess what?  I’ve got another surprise for you!  And this one isn’t bad, either!


This exercise happens to be one of my favorite exercises.  I use this one ALL the time!  And my clients use it all the time, too.  Recently, one of them told me she was really struggling with her choice of a niche market (the people she was to serve in her business) and she decided to use this exercise.  She got her answer and she was so happy to get it, because she had been really upset about the question for at least a month prior to using the exercise.


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Let me say this about this exercise, however.  It ain’t for wimps.  What I mean by this is that once you decide to ask, you’d better be ready to hear the answer.  Here’s an example of this from my own life.


I had gotten a bonus ticket to a live event recently to a coach’s event that I really wanted to attend.  And yet, something kept holding me back from claiming it.  Finally, I decided to use this exercise to see if I should even go.  The answer was “no.”


HUH?!  I wanted to go!  I checked a second time.  And a third (for good measure!).  Each time, the answer was the same.  grrr…  Then I argued with it.  (This is normal, by the way, when you don’t like the answer your intuition gives you. [smile])  Finally, I decided to trust my intuition and not go.


It was the right choice.  I ended up very sick that weekend, and I would not have been able to go.


So, enjoy the exercise.  And trust what you are shown.  You’ll be glad you did.


Hugs, Anne




Rev. Anne Presuel

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