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Divine Marketing Tip – How Your Client Buys

Let’s talk about marketing… and in particular, how your client buys.   Your client buys because they have a need to fix or resolve something, to feel better about something, or to learn how to do something. 

But it all comes down to one thing: 

People buy because they believe that
buying your product
will make their lives easier … or better.

Let me give you an example.  Yesterday, I had to take Skittles, my 17-year old kitty to the vet for a respiratory infection. I’ve been trying to treat it with Chinese herbs (from the same company that has helped my 13-year old kitty, Pixie, with her hyperthyroidism), but we’ve had no luck. Because the herbs weren’t working, I now had to buy the services of my vet.  (Urgency)

Not only does she have a respiratory infection, now her ears have another infection, and because she started scratching them, she got an eye infection. And she has even another problem I didn’t even notice. sigh…



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The vet told me her immune system is starting to shut down, and I need to get ready for “the inevitable.”

We were just into the vet two months ago for this same thing, so I know she’s right about Skittles’s immune system. For the past 10 years, we’ve been into the vet on and off for chronic ear infections – at least twice per year – and now we’ve gotten to a point where we are going every other month, and maybe even more. 

Because of what the vet said my urgency became super urgency!  Having just lost Cubbie three months ago, I am aware of quickly our little fur babies can transition.  So, now my search for things to help strengthen her immune system has taken significant priority: supplements, foods, healing techniques. 

Did I hear what the vet said?  Oh, heck, yeah. 

Did this make me sit up and get serious about helping Skittles in a whole new way?  Absolutely. 

Am I willing to spend money to help her out?  Totally. 

Am I willing to take different actions so she can have a better quality of life?  Completely.


Here’s what I know about marketing: 

  • When your client needs something, they are ready to buy. 
  • When they feel the urgency to resolve their problem, they are willing to do whatever it takes do that.
  • When they find someone or something that will help them resolve their problem, they will buy it.


Your job is to provide them
with enough information
about how you help them
so they can make a good decision.


So how do you do that?

By getting clear about the benefits you provide. 

By being able to speak to how your services will transform their lives in specific ways.

By asking your potential client good questions to help them understand what happens if they don’t resolve their problem.

By developing a close relationship with your target market, so they know you, like you and trust you.

By being your word with them – be in integrity (and clean it up when you aren’t).

By under-promising and over-delivering (instead of the other way around).

By showing up as the expert you are.


Your Divine peeps are looking for solutions to their problems.  Sometimes they have strong motivations to resolve their problems as quickly as possible, and sometimes their urgency isn’t as clear.  When you are clear about how you help them, when you show up as the expert and leader you are, your marketing becomes easy and effortless… Divine marketing at its best!

Start to pay attention to how you buy.  It will help you understand your potential clients’ motivations and sense of urgency more easily, which will help you serve them even more powerfully. 




By the way, if the healer in you feels so moved to say a prayer or send Skittles some healing love, we would be very grateful.


Now go get your Divine ON!



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