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Do You Have Enough Clients? Want More?

Hey there, Divine One –

Recently, I asked the participants in a class I was giving what their number one challenge was in building their business. Do you know what it was?

Getting enough clients.

This is, hands down, the biggest challenge for most healers, intuitives and coaches.

You spend tons of money and years learning how to do your work, but there comes a moment when you realize you haven’t learned HOW to build a business..



Yeah. Big uh-oh, right?

And as you begin investigating HOW to build a business, you discover it’s expensive to learn the skills. And there’s so much to learn!

What do you do first? And then what? And why?

So many questions and so much to think about…

What’s a Divine One to do?

Well, I have an answer, one I think you’ll like.

A fr*ee call, just for you, on Tuesday, December 15:

Build Your Divine Business
Unlock the Mystery: Attract Clients,
Make Money & Secure Your Freedom!

On this call, we’re going to talk about:

  • How you can get more clients;
  • How you can make more money;
  • How you can set yourself up for a really great 2016!

I want that, don’t you? If so, then join me for this call.

Building a beautiful, successful, sustainable business doesn’t have to be arduous and painful.

And you don’t have to go massively into debt to learn the skills. You just don’t.

Learn how on Tuesday.

Build Your Divine Business


Because I like to reward people for taking action, you will get a FR*EE GIFT, just for registering for the call!

This is my very favorite ebook, 11 Secret Ways to Attract Your Clients (before you ever meet them!), designed to help you attract your yummy clients!
Divine Client Attraction - 11 Secret Ways to Connect with Your Clients
Register here:

Build Your Divine Business



At least ONE lucky person (maybe more!) will win a PRI*ZE on the call: a seat in my upcoming program, 4 Clients in 4 Weeks, starting in January!

4 Clients in 4 Weeks

Register for the call here:

Build Your Divine Business


2016 is right around the corner. Let’s make it a most amazing year!

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business


Get your Divine On


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