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Years ago, when I began my practice, I found myself in a challenging situation.  I needed clients.  They were trickling in, but I didn’t have the level of clientelle I wanted.  So I began to do the usual marketing things: I gave talks, handed out flyers, advertised, told people what I did for a living, and so on.  But what I didn’t do (at least not right away) was to envision my practice filled with clients.


That was too big a step.


Ever hear the saying “You’ve got to walk before you can run”?  Well, this was a prime example of that.  Until I had a few more clients coming in my door, I couldn’t envision my practice filled.


So, I decided to begin where I was.  I started envisioning one more client per week.  When that happened, I began to envision two more clients per week.  And so on.  It worked.


I’m going to share some of the easy-peasy visualizations that I learned (and that worked for me) so that you, too, can bring to you more of the wonderful clients you are meant to serve.


Visual #1


This one I learned from Sanaya Roman (www.OrinDaBen.com):  Imagine you have a search light on top of your shop (practice, office, etc.).  Turn the light on, and imagine that search light going out into the world.  Imagine your clients (ideal clients now, not just any client) seeing it and finding you.  (You do NOT have to visualize HOW they find you, only that they find you.)  They will find you.


Visual #2


This one I learned from my beloved mentor, Wray Shelton:  Imagine you have a red carpet coming up to your front door.  Lay out the red carpet for your client.  Light up your red carpet.  See them coming to you, walking up that carpet..  (Again, they will, and again, you don’t have to visualize how they come to you.)


Visual #3


Another Sanaya Roman visual:  Imagine your heart filled with the Light of the Divine.  Now, see that light going out from your heart to the hearts of your new (even current, and old) clients, connecting the two of you.  See them coming to you, hear them picking up the phone and calling you and making appointments with you.  Feel the connection with them. 


If you will do any of these visuals (whichever feels the most comfortable to you) or even all of them, you will begin to see your client list increase.  And not just with any clients, but with your ideal clients, with clients you are Divinely meant to serve.


Let me know how it works for you!


3 thoughts on “Got Clients?”

  1. Hi Anne,

    I love your website – we’re connected at Twitter and FB and Linkedin; I’m also on the Shift Community Global site. I know my work is global, but right now,
    I am focusing on LOCAL and building a clientele.

    I KNOW I Am a Healer; I am a Reiki Master, and am studying Spring Forest Qigong at Level 1; Master Chunyi Linn is my Master, I feel.

    AS FAR AS I KNOW, I am to bring this work to the aged, and caregivers — and the healing I do is meant to transfer and show others how they can do the same healing for themselves.

    Yet, I need income and clientele to sustain me in this work. I AM WILLING TO PRACTICE THE ABOVE VISUALIZATIONS — ADDED TO MUCH OTHER INNER WORK I AM DOING — and I want to see results. I will be checking back with you.

    I appreciate who you are and the messages I see from you on FB & Twitter.

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