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3 Biggest Mistakes Spiritual Entrepreneurs Make

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“The economy has really hit me hard,” Marilyn told me. “I just don’t know what I’m going to do.  I work so hard, but I don’t seem to be getting where I want to go.”


As we worked together in releasing her fears, I realized that the challenge she is struggling with is the same thing many spiritual, heart-centered entrepreneurs are struggling with.   And then I thought about the number of spiritual entrepreneurs who have not only survived this economic experience, but they have thrived.


Spiritual entrepreneurs have been called to bring forth their gifts to the world, but get caught up in the challenge of just “how” to do it.  In addition, they have some very clear challenges that many other business owners and entrepreneurs do not have, which hinders them significantly.


And yet, some have completely thrived in this economy, creating six- and seven-figure incomes.  (And I personally know of several who have created 8-figure incomes!)  In my mind, that completely diffuses the power of the “It’s the economy” reason.


So, what’s the difference?


As I pondered these two opposite ends of the spectrum, I realized that there weren’t many distinctions at all.  Just three, as a matter of fact.  But the differences are significant.



1) Trust. The spiritual entrepreneurs who have thrived have trusted themselves, trusted their intuition, and trusted the Divine to show them the way.  They have followed – and acted upon – their intuitive “hits.”  They realized that they were being led by Spirit to their right path and they trusted this.  I want to emphasize here that they acted upon their hits.  They followed their guidance.  They trusted.


I work with a number of entrepreneurs who receive guidance, but they don’t act upon it. They just don’t realize how important it is for them to follow what they receive.  One of their biggest challenges is trusting themselves.


2) Belief. The spiritual entrepreneurs who have done exceedingly well believe that it’s ok for them to make money doing spiritual work.  This is a toughie for many spiritual people in business:  there is a deep belief that many have that says something like “If I’m offering a spiritual work, I shouldn’t charge money (or much money).”  This belief must be challenged and released if you are going to allow yourself to receive abundance from your work.


It’s old, it’s deep, and it’s powerful, but it can be released. Spiritual entrepreneurs deserve to experience abundance in their lives, just like any other entrepreneur.  As Abraham of Abraham-Hicks says, “You can’t make someone well by getting sick and giving them your wellness.  And you cannot make someone rich by being poor.  The Law of Attraction simply does not work that way.”


3) Deserving. The spiritual entrepreneurs I know who are doing very well have done this one very uncomfortable thing: they’ve invested in themselves.  They’ve invested in a coach and in trainings to help them move through their blocks, and to organize their work into a marketable form.   Everyone I know who has done this has seen an incredible return on their investment.



Can you be successful as a spiritual entrepreneur without doing the three things?  I doubt it very seriously.  If you don’t trust your intuition enough to act upon the guidance, and if you don’t believe you can charge a fair price for your work, your energy, your expertise and for the transformations your clients experience, and if you don’t invest in yourself (read that: believe in yourself enough to invest), then you are leaving money on the table, and will continue to struggle to build your business and to pay your bills.


And what’s spiritual about that?

When you believe in yourself and take action, you then create things you never dreamed possible.  And a successful, abundant business and lifestyle is just one of them.


Your Action Steps:


1)  Look to see where you are:

a)  Not trusting and not acting upon your guidance,

b)  Not believing you are worthy of decent remuneration (read: exchange of energy) for your gifts, for the transformation you offer, for the healing for which you are the catalyst, and

c)  Not believing you deserve more and are willing to take the risk to invest in yourself and your business.

2)  Decide right now to make different choices.  Trust yourself and your guidance – take action.  Believe you are worthy of fair compensation and ask for it.  And choose right now to invest in yourself in some quality training.  Why?  Because you are worth it, and your business is worth it.

3)  Have fun with it!  🙂


7 thoughts on “3 Biggest Mistakes Spiritual Entrepreneurs Make”

  1. Thank you for the insight on the 3 biggest mistakes. In my renewed quest to build my business, I have begun to “invest” in myself through teleseminars on how to move through my blocks and embrace my wholeness. Thank you for providing articles to assist new entrepreneurs such as myself with directions on how to reach our desired goals.

  2. I appreciated reading your post. I completely shifted and revamped my spiritual business in 2012 based on the 3 points you’ve covered here. Your post affirmed that I’m on the right track. I’ll be sure to socially share your content with my author friends. Many thanks.

  3. Great article! All the points you mention here are so on target. The universe is one of abundance and ease. It is so important for us to elevate our attitude and expectations, and not to buy into the scarcity and the struggle that is so evident around us. In fact that is all the media ever portrays.
    When we are aligned with the Divine within, we can create a totally different reality.
    Thanks you so much for this important reminder!

  4. Great article! I find element #2 to be particularly relevant. It seems that for a long time now we’ve been taught that wealth is “anti-spiritual” when in fact, the more we have, the more we can do and give. King Solomon was very spiritual and he was full of Divine wisdom. Also, immensely rich!

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