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Have You Ever Asked Yourself this Question?

Hey there, Divine One! 

Pretty much everyone I know who is up to creating their Divine business asks themself at one time or another… 

Can I really do this?

And usually, they don’t just ask it once.  For some people, especially when the business is in the earlier stages, it’s an FAQ (a frequently-asked question).

The question is usually followed up by a frustrating search in the classifieds for a job, which is then followed by a sigh of resignation and a new determination to “figure this business stuff out.”

Sound familiar?  (I know because I did this myself a number of times as I grew my business.)

The problem is that building a business is a pretty big task.  You have lots of things to figure out: 

  • Branding (who am I?);
  • Marketing (what is my sweet spot?);
  • Messaging (how can I communicate what I do so that people get it and want it?);
  • Mindset (how do I keep going confidently toward my vision (even during the rough times?); and
  • Money (how do I get more of that stuff?).

It’s money that I want to talk about today.  Because it affects all of the others.

Money affects everything

in your business. 

It affects whether you

  • Hire a mentor (and what type of mentor) to help you figure things out,
  • Hire an assistant to help you get things done more quickly,
  • Pay for services to support you in serving your clients,
  • Pay for trainings to help you build your skill set,
  • Contribute to others’ lives,
  • and so on.

I know I don’t need to tell you this.  You already know it very well, first-hand.

So let me offer you something that will help.    

If you want to uplevel your business (in any way), then consider something that will help you grow more easily into your upleveling (leave those growing pains behind!) … something that will make a difference in your relationship with money, with your connection to money.

Consider this program that will help you connect with money, it will help you enjoy money, and it will help youcreate more money. (Who doesn’t want that, right?)


Tap into Your Divine Money

A 4-week Online Virtual Event




Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, the truth is:  you need money.  Tap into Your Divine Money will help you create more of it.  Period.
The tools and techniques I share in this program are what I used to build the abundance I have in my own life (from a time when I didn’t even have money for gas to a multiple 6-figure income!) and it is what I teach my Divine Diamond clients. 
And you can learn it, too.  Want to learn more?  Then click on the words “Tap into Your Divine Money” below and let’s get started.   
Creating money is far easier than you think, and once you understand how, you can begin to attract money, consistently and easily!
Tap into Your Divine Money is just a week away!  Don’t miss out on this fabulous class! 
Divine hugs,
Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business 
p.s.  Isn’t it worth spending a month of your time to be able to create money when you want – and need – it so that you can  grow your business?  Join us. (You’ll be glad you did.)
p.p.s.  Tap into Your Divine Money is VERY affordably priced, so that anyone can afford it.  Don’t let an inner conversation about money stop you from learning how to connect with, and create more, money.  Just don’t do that.  (And, by the way, if that is what’s happening, then you needto be in this class, so do yourself a favor and register!)  

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