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How to Create The Money You Want – Anytime

Hey there, Divine One! 

One of the things I hear from people all the time is that they feel challenged with making enough money in their business

They get some money, and then there’s a long lull before the next flush of money comes in.  Then the anxiety begins to build and then f-i-n-a-l-l-y more money comes in.

There’s a name for that:  Roller Coaster Income.  While I love roller coasters, I really don’t want my income to be that type of ride, do you?



Yet, entrepreneurs experience this in their businesses – all the time!

What that looks like is this:

  • At the end of the month, you’re scrambling to pay the bills;
  • You worry that you’ll have to find some other way to supplement their income (i.e., job);
  • You feel uncomfortable when you have to deal with money (oryour partner wants to talk about your business and how much money is coming in)  
  • You worry about how much you are making, saving, or spending;
  • You feel ashamed or embarrassed that you aren’t making more because you know how powerful your work is, but it just seems so hard to earn enough.

Unfortunately, this is oh, so common.  It happens to many Divinely-guided entrepreneurs – healers, coaches, intuitives and energy therapists –  and it happens particularly in the earlier stages of business.  

But, what if…

there were a way to connect with money and its energy?

What if… 

by connecting you were able to create a really powerful,loving, relationship with it?

What if…

you could let go of the feelings of embarrassment, shame, of not being enough, or having too much debt? 

What if …

you could instead celebrate money, love it, and even revel in it?


What would that look like in your life

and in your business? 


It would NOT look like Roller Coaster Income.  It would be Carousel Income instead, with an income that had consistency, abundance, peacefulness and joy.




It would look like you easily sharing your abundance.

It would look like freedom.

You are invited to begin that journey from Roller Coaster Income to Carousel Income, starting November 10: 


Tap into Your Divine Money


An Online Virtual Event




Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, the truth is:  you need money.  And this program will help you create relationship with money that will allow you to attract it when you want and how you want. 
It is how I built the abundance in my life (from a time when I didn’t even have money for gas!) and it is what I teach my Divine Diamond clients.  And you can learn it, too.
Interested in learning more?
Great!  Click on the words “Tap into Your Divine Money” below and let’s get started. 
Creating a new relationship with money is far easier than you think, and once you understand how, you can begin to attract money, consistently and easily!
Tap into Your Divine Money starts in just a couple of weeks!  Don’t miss out on this fabulous class! 
Divine hugs,
Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business 
p.s.  Isn’t it worth spending a month of your time to be able to create money when you want – and need – it so that you can  grow your business?  Join us. (You’ll be glad you did.)  

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