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How Adaptable Are You?

As I write this, I’m sitting in my hotel room, an hour away from the beginning of a 3-day Divine Diamond retreat. I live here in South Florida, where we are having the retreat. I actually live about 8 miles away from the hotel.  And I like sleeping in my own bed. A lot. 
So why on earth am I in a hotel room?
Because our air conditioner decided on Saturday that it needed some love that we weren’t giving it. By Saturday evening, our house was at 82 degrees (and humid).  Sunday afternon it climbed to 84 degrees. I was dripping.
I don’t hate the heat, but I’m a girl from the North. I like cool weather. And heat and I… well we have this agreement. I’ll put up with it to a point, but then I need air conditioning. Sweating isn’t my favorite thing to do (which is why I swim – lol).
I could have powered through with fans and a dehumidifier and open windows (outside was way nicer than inside – go figure!), but I had the retreat to lead.  I had to be at my best. Not drippy and heat exhausted.
So I came to the hotel.  
Business is like that. You plan for one thing but another happens. And you have to adapt.  For example, you plan a launch and things don’t go as planned. What do you do? Add in another plan of action.
Or you plan to have a table at a conference, but they give you a lousy spot. What do you do? Adapt. Go meet people.
Or you plan to go to an event, but it’s different than you expected. What do you do? Adapt.
Adaptability is one of your power moves as a business owner.
And one of the best ways to ensure you are adaptable is to trust your intuition.
Because it will never guide you wrong. (like ever)
Your intuition will tell you your next step. Always. So when you find yourself in a situation where you must move forward, but in order to do that you have to do something you weren’t expecting, ask your Divine guidance. Then do it.
Because that is how your business will grow and flourish!
Until next time, lovey…




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