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How to Speak on Telesummits

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to be invited to speak on telesummits. But how on earth do you get invited? That was the question, right?
I started looking around at who was offering them, who was speaking on them, and if I knew any of these people. There weren’t many.
But there were a couple. So I contacted one or two of the people I knew and asked if they knew anyone who was offering telesummits. Then I reached out to a couple of people who were speaking and asked them the same thing.
It was a process, but it worked. And fairly quickly. Then there were new problems like my bio and talk title and bullet points, etc. But I figured those out as I went along.
Once things got rolling, people began inviting me to be on their telesummits fairly frequently.
There are real benefits for you to be on a telesummit:
1) you make great connections,
2) you gain great visibility, and
3) you build your list.
The connections with the hosts are wonderful and the visibility you gain is delightful! Building your list is just icing on the cake.
But some people don’t even start.  “I wouldn’t know what to say!” they tell me. “I wouldn’t even know where to begin!” 
If this is you, then please, please, please don’t let that stop you. Part of building your business is just figuring this stuff out. (and it’s not that hard!)
Make the decision that you will just start.
Begin by doing some research in your field to see who is doing telesummits.  Then take a look at their sales pages to see who is speaking. You’ll get inspired about your own talk – what to say, how to present it, etc.
Just begin.
Because by beginning, you give yourself an incredible gift: momentum. 
And that, Divine One, will carry you into the next step: saying “yes” to someone’s offer to be their telesummit speaker.
But ya gotta start.  
Until tomorrow, Divine One…


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