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Is Your Business Like a Thrift Store or a Macy’s?

Hi, Divine One! 

I like thrift stores.  I really do.  I like donating to them and I like going inside, because I love finding treasures.  But it’s very hit and miss, and sometimes I leave as soon as I arrive. 

My favorite place to shop is Macy’s.  When I go there, I love looking at the clothing, the purses, the shoes and the home goods.  I love looking at their jewelry, and I always stop by the beauty counter to give myself a yummy squirt of my favorite perfume:  Hypnose.  mmmmm… 

ShopperMacy’s feels like abundance to me.  And on the other side, thrift stores carry the energy of discarded goods.  It feels like desperation.  The items feel sad and tired.  Tossed away.  (So, when I do bring something home, I always tell it we’re going to have a wonderful life together.)

Which leads me to the question today: 

Is your business more like a thrift store

… or a Macy’s?

Here’s what I mean by that.  If your business is like a thrift store then this is what’s going on, both structurally and energetically:

1)    Your marketing is all over the place.

2)    Your brand is inconsistent.

3)    Your message is confusing.

4)    You show up confused and scattered; therefore, it’s frustrating to do business with you.

5)    You’re willing to haggle your prices just to get a client (more of an analogy for a flea market, but you get my drift).

6)    You’ll take anyone and everyone who has a credit card (or money), because baby, you’ve got something for everyone! (but not really)

7)     Your very first question is:  “How much is it?”

If your business is like a Macy’s
, then this is what it looks like:

1)    You have consistent marketing and know very well who your client/customer is.

2)    Your brand is recognizable, and known, liked and trusted.

3)    Your message is clear and speaks to your Divine peeps.

4)    You have excellent customer service.

5)    It’s a pleasure to do business with you.

6)    You have high quality items at fair prices (and even have yummy sales!).

7)    You’ve been around and have a solid reputation.

8)    “How much?” is a secondary question, followed by“How much do I want it?” and “How can I create the money for it?”

Most of us have pieces from each of these, but we  really want our businesses to be more like a Macy’s.

Here’s why I ask this: 

  • Because it takes money to build your business
  • It takes money to create a clear message;
  • It takes money to find your marketing sweet spot;
  • It takes money to get your sacred branding in place;
  • It takes money to understand your own voice;
  • It takes money to understand who your Divine peeps are, and where they’re hanging out;  
  • It takes money to hire a mentor, to hire an assistant, to hire a graphic designer, a web designer, etc.
  • It takes money to give yourself Divine self-care so you can serve your clients well.
  • It takes money.  It just does.

So, if you’re not investing in your business because you feel like you can’t (i.e., I can’t afford it), then get yourself registered for my upcoming class, Tap into Your Divine Money, because we’re going to cover all of that, and oh, so much more.

Tap into Your Divine Money

A 4-week Online Virtual Event


I created this class for this very purpose: 

To help you create the money you want
so you can get your work out into the world
the way you are called to do.

I want you to be able to hire your mentor and your assistant, to pay for services you want, to take great care of yourself, and ultimately to live the life you are here to live!

Tap into Your Divine Money is just a week away.  You have time to create the space for this class.

I hope to see you there. 
Divine hugs,
Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business 
p.s.  Tap into Your Divine Money is VERY affordably priced, so that anyone can afford it.  Don’t let an inner conversation about money stop you from learning how to connect with, and create more, money.  Just don’t do that.  (And, by the way, if that is what’s happening, then you need to be in this class, so do yourself a favor and register!)
p.p.s.  If you’re drawn to this class, but you’ve got your“Yeah, but” going – “Yeah, but I’m busy” or “Yeah, but I took another class on money and it didn’t help” – please, please listen to your inner guidance, not your “Yeah, but.” Your inner guidance is always right.  Always.  Your“Yeah, but” is your fear, your resistance, and it will talk you out of your intuitive guidance (if you let it).  Always.
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