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It’s Time to Decide

So what are you waiting for?

This week’s cards for our reading are two very, very clear cards.

The first one is Decide.

The second one is Definitely Yes. 


Wow.  Could it get any clearer than that? 

Which leaves me with this question:  What are you waiting to decide?  Or put a different way:  What are you on the fence about?

Or … do you think you’ve really decided, but you haven’t fully stepped into or acted on your choice?

Recently, I’ve been talking with some people in my community who said they made a commitment to do something, and then later changed their mind.  They wanted to back out.  It wasn’t convenient any longer.  Or it was uncomfortable.  Or something else came up that looked more inviting.

But the thing is, when you decide, there is no other option.  It’s like marrying someone and then deciding that that person is the person you’re staying with. 

You stop looking at other people, wondering “I wonder if I’d rather be in a relationship with him,” and “I wonder if I should have waited for something better.” 

Deciding is just that.  Deciding.  And in deciding there is all sorts of freedom.  Because once you decide, you no longer look at the other options.

  • Once you decide which market you will serve, you no longer flirt with other markets, and you actually commit to yours.
  • Once you deciding who your ideal clients are, you are able to go find them and connect with them.
  • Once you decide what you will offer as your service or package of services, you no longer flail around trying to please everybody and their desires. You please you.    Which ironically, pleases your ideal clients. J
  • Once you deciding how you will move forward with a launch, you actually move forward with the launch.
  • Once you decide whether you are going to write that book, you actually start writing.
  • Once you decide that you will talk with people about your services (no matter what!), you actually go do it. And guess what?  You get clients!

On and on it goes.

So this week, you are being asked to decide.

Now the funny thing is that you are also being told to say Yes.  Definitely Yes.  The way I interpret this is that you are being told Yes! GO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!”  Take the action you need to take (after deciding, of course).

Stop wondering if you should.  Just go do it.  Because as you do, you will learn.  And as you learn, you will gain confidence in yourself and in your abilities.  And as you gain confidence, you will attract to you all that you desire:  clients, freedom, abundance, peace of mind, and joy … and so on.

Trust yourself and your intuition.

Trust yourself and your connection to the Divine.

You are ready.  You have what you need. 

Just Decide.

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



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