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Let’s Talk About Money, Shall We?

Hi, Divine One –
I want to share two points with you, today:
1)   Trusting your intuition (and what that looks like in even small ways), and
2)   Why money is so important to be able to create as a business owner (besides the obvious reasons).
When I first started thinking about today’s Divine Daily, I thought I was going to write about my office space. But as I tuned into that topic, money popped up and said she wanted to be written about. She began to write her story in my head.
Well, okie dokie then.  Money it is!  
Clearly, there is someone who needs and wants to hear about money today (and hopefully more than just one someone). So when this kind of thing happens, I know my intuition is kicking in. And so I trust it. I follow it. Period. I don’t fight it. I go with it. Because it’s always right.
That’s point one.
Point two is about why money is so important to create in your business.  
As my business has grown, I’ve had so much more freedom to share the money I bring in. Here’s how that looks:
  • I donate to non-profits that I believe in. You can see the list here:  Divine Donations
  • I gift people things and programs.
  • I offer programs at lower prices to support my tribe
  • I support two full-time assistants, and various other people on my team (graphic designer, accountant, bookkeeper, house keeper, web support, etc.)
I also pay myself: retirement, savings, fun extras, etc.
But last month was my birthday. My 60th birthday. It was a big deal.
I decided I wanted to do something super special for myself for my birthday. Something I’ve wanted for years: a diamond bracelet. A diamond bracelet with BIG diamonds.
I had to work through (think tapping!) my inner conversations about deserving, about other people’s judgment, and about my own “shoulds” about where I should spend my money. (Surely not on something so frivolous!)  🙂
I bought it anyway. I really did. And she is glorious!

Just yesterday, I bought my daughter a very, very special birthday gift, as well. She turns 30 on Saturday. Again, it’s a big birthday and a big deal.
When I saw her gift, it took my breath away. And earlier, I had asked my angels to help me find the perfect gift. But it was far more expensive that I intended to spend. I bought it because I knew it was the gift I wanted to give. (I can’t share it here, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise for her.)
Being able to buy these two items made me fall in love with my business all over again. Because without it, I wouldn’t have been able to make these choices.
I share this because I want you to understand the power of your business being successful and abundant. I would never have bought the bracelet in the past, nor would I have bought my daughter’s gift. I just would have said it’s too much money and I can’t do that.
We all want the freedom to build our businesses in a way that not only helps others, but also brings in abundant money.
I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.  
That freedom is available for you if you don’t quit. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to quit. Seriously. I’d actually go looking for a job, and then sigh, and hunker down to work in my business again.
Bottom line: If you feel called to grow your business, then follow your intuitive guidance. You will find your way. You may need help doing it, but you’ll find the help that is your perfect help. Ask your angels to guide you to your perfect someone.
By the way: if you think that someone might be me, then schedule a time with me to chat. 15 minutes. No pressure. Promise.
Click Here:  Connect with Anne 
Your Divine Questions:
What intuitive guidance are you getting to do something?  
  • Are you following it?
  • Are you ignoring it because you’re afraid? 
What action can you take right now to follow your guidance? Will you?
Until tomorrow…

Divine hugs,


Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business



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