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How to nurture your Divine list

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Dear Anne –

My current freebie on my website is attracting a fair amount of people. My question is what happens after they sign up? How do I encourage them to call for more help or choose one of my services?Woman on phone


Dear Divine One –

What a great question! This is an especially helpful question for the Divine peeps who participated in the JV Giveaway (and who will be participating in upcoming JV Giveaways), so thank you for asking it.

We really have two questions to address here, once we pull them apart. The first one is “What happens after they sign up?” and the second one is “How can I encourage them to call for help or choose one of my services?” Let’s take them apart and answer them separately.


Question 1:  What happens after they sign up?

When someone signs up for your free offer, they are looking to resolve a challenge or a problem. Sometimes, they simply are curious about what you have to say, but whether they are simply curious or really hungry to resolve a problem, they have landed on your website for something. They are looking for something. And your free offer is juicy enough for them to give you their email.

That’s a big thing, and something to be honored. They are giving you permission to stay in touch with them via their private email address.

You are now at the beginning of a new relationship. You can compare it to meeting someone in person and they give you their phone number. Well, now what?Women nurturing relationships


How do you move the relationship forward and deepen it?

Well, there are a number of ways.

  1. Create a nurture campaign of autoresponders that offer value to your new subscriber. This campaign can include any of the following:

          a.       Emails sent out over a period of time that refer back to some portion of the free offering they signed up for. This will help them consume it (which is what you want).

          b.       Emails with links to another free offering that is similar to the original offering you gave them.

          c.       Emails with links to videos you have prepared that are similar to the original free offering.

          d.       Emails with an invitation to join you for a webinar, a teleseminar or hangout or meet-up.

All of these ideas are intended to nurture the relationship you are building with your new subscriber.

  1. Practice good keep-in-touch marketing by sending them your ezine. This will continue to give value and provide a service to them.


Question 2:  How can I encourage them to call for help or choose one of my services?

In short, you provide value and you ask. You continue to offer, to share, to show them that you have more to offer. You want them to understand that what you have shared in your free offer is just the tip of the iceburg called you.

Here’s how you can do this.

  1. Share your offerings in your ezine.
  2. Share a specific offering in a separate email: one invitation to do one thing only in the email – purchase a program, schedule a strategy session, attend a class, purchase a reading or healing session, etc.
  3. Invite them to call for help (i.e., schedule a strategy session). To do this, you identify one pain your Divine peeps have and show that you have the solution. Then invite them to take part of the solution by scheduling a strategy session.
  4. Reach out specifically to each person on your list (if it’s a smaller list) and invite them to connect with you on the phone so you can learn more about them. It’s time-consuming, yes, but it will make you stand out from the crowd. (Think about it: when was the last time someone reached out to you after you signed up for their free offering? Never, right?)

The bottom line in building your business is to continually nurture relationships:

  • Show up consistently,
  • Be impeccable in your word,
  • Be someone who provides value and compassion,
  • Be willing to share yourself and your knowledge with the world,
  • Be unabashedly unafraid to shine your light, and
  • Be unattached to the outcome.

Think of it as making friends with lots of people; there will always be very different levels of friendship. Some will rise to connect with you more, some will become good friends, and some will always stay on the periphery and be acquaintances. And that’s ok.

The more you nurture the relationships with the people on your list, the more your business will grow. And that’s exactly what you want.

Now go call someone and invite them to connect with you!



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  1. Thank you for this article. I have asked this questions in numerous groups without ever getting a response. You have validated some of the things I do and given me some great ideas. Many Blessings to you!

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