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She Had to Go Get a Job…

A while ago, I saw a post on Facebook from someone with whom I had spoken about her business. 

At the time we spoke, she had just had a baby, had left her job and really wanted to make her business work.  But she didn’t want to spend any money learning HOW to build her business.

She felt she could do it by herself. “I can get what I need from free teleseminars,” she told me.  (Yeah, I remember thinking that, too.)

I knew she’d find out the truth for herself.

And she did. Fairly quickly. Her Facebook post said that she said she had “tried everything” to make her business work, and now she was facing a harsh reality: she needed money.  She had to go get a job. 

Worst of all, she was going to have to leave her little 14-month old son to go back to work.

I really felt for her.  I can’t imagine having to make that decision.

But I also know this:  She didn’t have to be there

Why do I say that? Because just one year before, she had the opportunity to get a lot of support and training to build her business, but she was afraid. She said “No, thank you, I want to figure it out myself.”

I’m sure she was thinking “How hard can it be?”  (Little did she know, right?)

How many times do we turn away from an opportunity that is right in front of us because we’re afraid? Because think we can do it better ourselves – even if we aren’t doing it better already? 

This story is such a powerful example about being willing to get the help you need to do  in order to be able to create what you want. 

Building your business can be very time and labor intensive.  (It’s like having – and raising – a baby!)  If you don’t nurture and love your baby business, and if you don’t understand or provide what it needs to survive, it won’t. It just won’t.  

Getting the support and training you need while you build your business is essential.  You can’t do it without it.  Seriously. 

On Thursday, June 22, at 1 pm Eastern, you can listen in to 5 other women, just like you, who have spent time, money and energy learning how to build their businesses.

Here’s what you’ll hear:

  • the ups (and the downs!) of building a business., from a feminine point of view;
  • where they wanted to quit … and
  • what made them stick to it. and finally, you’ll hear
  • what they learned  they needed to do to make their businesses work.

Want to listen in? Great!  Then register for the call at the link below.  

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I’ll see you on the call!

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