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[FB Live] Your Divine Journey

Today is the third (and last!) in the Awaken Your Divine Biz series! I hope you enjoyed the first twone.  (You can access those videos here, if you missed them:
At 1 pm Eastern today, you are invited to come hang out with me for :
At this point, you know …
  • you are here to create your business;
  • you have a few challenges doing it; and
  • that you’ve been called to create it.
Well, now what?
Let’s talk about it on the the Facebook Live today at 1 pm.  
  • You’ll learn what it takes to create the vision that is in your heart.
  • You’ll hear about another person who struggled – and overcame – her challenges to creating her Divine Biz.
  • And you’ll get some great ideas and guidance as to what’s next for you.
Here’s the link: 
I’ll see you at 1 pm Eastern on Facebook!  I’m looking forward to it!  
Here’s the video:
Until then, lovey…
Get Your Divine On
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