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Fearless Divine Pricing in Your Business

I’m going to share something so personal and so real about what I’ve been through in building my own business as far as fearless Divine pricing, that it scares me a bit to share it.  (I feel like I’m showing my panties by sharing this.) You see, my private clients

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What Duck Teaches Us

Today has been interesting… The Story This morning, while swimming, I noticed a newly-hatched gosling swimming in the pool.  The parents, two beautiful Egyptian Geese, stood by and flew up to their nest (in the planting areas of a fountain in the middle of the pool) to check it a

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What’s Your Impatience Factor?

  One of the challenges that many people face when developing their intuition is what I call the Impatience Factor.  Our minds want to understand right here, right now, what the intuitive hit means.   However, oftentimes we are given only pieces of information.  (Think of it as putting together

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