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The Top 10 Ways to Use Your Intuition in Business

There are so many reasons to access your intuition in business. Connecting with your intuition will help you build your business faster and more easily than if you ignore your intuitive guidance. You will get clients more easily, make more money, and definitely have more fun and freedom in your business when you pay attention to your intuitive hunches.

Ignoring your intuitive hunches will only bring you pain and struggle. It will bring lack – a lack of clients, a lack of business, a lack of money. And you will be frustrated and tired and want to give up. Again and again.

It’s not that hard to connect with and pay attention to your intuition. Paying attention to your intuitive hunches is all about being present. It’s about being grounded and clear. It’s about being in your body. It’s about being intentional.

The truth is:

If you are not clear energetically, you are not grounded.
If you are not grounded, you cannot be present.
If you are not present, you cannot access your intuition.


If you are not grounded, then your messages will be garbled and mixed, and that’s when life gets very confusing. You make choices you should not be making. You make decisions about clients, about programs and about investments that you should not make.

And it can all be avoided!

Here are 10 ways you can use your intuition in business, to grow a fabulously successful, abundant, deeply-connected, deliciously Divine business!

1)   Clear your energy. Be sure you are coming from the best energetic space possible. Get grounded & connected before having conversations with ANYONE.

2)   Get Un-Busy. Accessing your intuition means you MUST have downtime. You might be able to go a few days being super busy, but if you don’t hop off of that super busy hamster wheel, you will begin to get mixed messages and garbled information. Then you’re not very helpful to anyone.

Know what your specific warning signs are. For me, I begin to drop things and run into walls. I know that I’m trying to do too much too fast this happens. I know I need down time. I know I need sleep, time off, and exercise (swimming, in my case).

When you need time to recharge so that you’re fully grounded and present when you work, then give yourself that time.


3)  Practice radical self-care. This is one of the best ways I know to be able to access your intuition regularly. Exercise, eat well, sleep, laugh, drink great water, get regular emotional and spiritual sustenance, journal, meditate, be grateful (see #5 below).

4)   Program or Product Creation: If you feel a program calling you, then create it. Trust your intuitive guidance. If you keep wanting to create it. For several years before creating the Divine Business Club, I felt it calling me, but my mentors told me “No, it isn’t a “money-maker,” so don’t do it.” Yet, once I did, it became one of the best decisions I made. My intuition knew better.

5)  Be gratitude. Be the space of gratitude. Express it all the time.  Keep a gratitude journal.

a) Express gratitude for having money when you pay a bill.
b) Express gratitude when you charge a client’s card, and bless them for their trust and faith in you.
c) Be thankful for your computer. Talk to it. Thank it for all the work it does.
d) Be thankful to everyone. People feel that energy of gratitude. They respond to it. They love it. Don’t you love being around someone who is thankful?
e) Be thankful for everything. When you do this, you are making your crooked places straight – you are energetically smoothing out your path. Beautifully.


6)  Pray for your clients. I regularly think of my clients and pray for them.  I often get Divine Downloads when I am swimming, which I share with them. Trust what you get, and share it with them if it is appropriate.

7) Bless your clients. Your blessing has power. It carries the energy of intention and it holds the power of your spoken word over them. Your clients connect with that intention and vision and they are inspired by it. Be the space of blessing.

8) Be 100% present. Don’t multi-task during client sessions – or when you are creating other things. If you aren’t present, how can listen to your intuition? How can you hear what’s not being said? How can you help your client if you’re not 100% present?

9) Trust Those Red Flags: When choosing your clients, trust your gut. Pay close attention to what’s happening DURING the time you are deciding if this person is someone you want to work with. If there are a number of miscommunications or issues when you are considering working with someone, you can trust that there will be many more after you’ve agreed to work with them. Ignoring them because you want the money will only bring you headaches and frustration.



10) Call upon your Divine team. Here are several ways to connect with your Divine team to get that extra support you need.

a) Writing Copy: If you are struggling to write copy (an article, a sales page, an email, etc.), then take a moment to get grounded, do some tapping and clear your energy. Then call upon your Writing Angel when you write copy. Ask for guidance.

b) Connecting with a Prospective Client: If you want to connect with someone before you have a call with them, then call upon your Connection Angel. Ask for guidance, for the right words, and for a deeper connection with them.

c) Promoting a Program: If you want more visibility for an upcoming program, then call upon your Media Angel for help. Ask to be connected to those people who are in alignment with your program, that they see your offering and have an open mind when they see it.



Practicing these 10 Divinely Intuitive™ tools will help you grow your business to be the Divine business you have been called to create, faster and more easily than you can imagine!





8 thoughts on “The Top 10 Ways to Use Your Intuition in Business”

      1. I really enjoyed reading the articles on this page it was just great . they brought comfort to my spirit. Marchelle

  1. Hello,

    I just finished reading this article and thought it was really wonderful and extremely helpful. However, as I was reading it, I noticed the text and images on the right hand side of the screen kept moving up and down. I found that to be extremely disruptive! Just thought I would mention it since you may not be aware of it.



    1. That’s probably the two widgets – one for shares and one for products. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your feedback on that… and the article, Kat! I appreciate it.

      Hugs, Anne

  2. Hi Anne,

    I really enjoyed this article, thanks so much!
    #6,7 & 10 are my favourite. Another thing I call upon the Divine team is to consult the pricing, instead of guessing how much my product/service is or stressing out by comparing to others in the market, I respect & love my product/service and trust that IT has a price already which is aligned to my ideal clients and customers.

    What I struggle at the moment is #2. When I’m so passionate about something, sometimes I forget unplug – thanks for the timely reminder!


    ps, really enjoying the giveaway, I think all spiritual entrepreneurs should join in the next one!

    1. Hi, Yiye – Thank you so much!

      I think you do need to know your market with regard to pricing, by the way, and then settle into your Divine price, which you can easily do by consulting your Divine team. As entrepreneurs, it is important to be aware of what our market will bear, given the platform and reputation we have. And as Spiritual Entrepreneurs, we have an extra edge, because we can connect energetically not only with our Divine Team, but also with our Divine Market, in ways that others cannot (or do not). 🙂

      Thanks for the ps. I agree with you!

      Hugs, Anne

      1. Oh yes, it is absolutely essential to know your ideal customers and your market. That’s something that the allies in subtle realms can assist us even before things show up in the physical reality. What I meant was people tend to ignore this and follow other service providers’ pricing and model, who often under charge their products/services unfortunately.

        Love &hus

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