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What to Do When You Just Don’t Wanna…

Have you ever felt like you just don’t wanna do something in your business?
Or maybe you just don’t wanna pick up that phone to have that call with someone?
Or you just don’t wanna send out that email?
Yeah. Me, too.
So, how do you handle it?  How do you handle the “I don’t wanna…”?  
Because it’s very real. And it will stop you every time.

What I notice is that when I don’t want to do something it’s frequently because I’m unclear about what I need to say or do.  
For example, if I’m having an “I don’t wanna do the Divine Daily!” (HA!), it’s usually because I’m not clear about what to say.
If I’m having an “I don’t wanna write that sales page!” it’s often because I’m just not clear about all the details and it feels overwhelming to even start.
I’ve discovered that the best way to handle the “I don’t wanna!!!” is to just start doing it anyway.  
But OMG! Starting is often the bigger challenge, isn’t it?
Why is that?
I believe it’s because we are forgetting WHY we are doing something. We are turning our attention onto ourselves, our fears, our lack of faith, and our belief that we can’t do something and we’ve forgotten why we felt inspired to do it in the first place.
Think about it: Building your business is like this. Organizing your garage is like this. Heck, eating healthy is like this!
So if you can find a way to get inspired again for your project or task, then you’ll be able to get moving.
And then the bonus is that taking action actually inspires us more. Just ask someone who starts to clean out a cabinet.  Suddenly ALL the cabinets start asking to be cleaned out, too!
The bottom line is this…
Inspiration begets action.
And that action then begets even MORE action!
Inspired action gets rid of the “I don’t wanna!” Suddenly, you find yourself moving closer and closer to doing what you said you would do (and want to do!).
And that, Divine One, is how you build a business, even when you don’t wanna do whatcha gotta do!

Your Divine Questions:
  • What – or who – inspires you to take action in your business? 
  • What 3 steps can you take to stay inspired? 
Until tomorrow, Divine One…




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