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When the Divine Speaks, Do You Listen?

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Recently, I’ve been feeling a change bubbling up inside me.  (Ever get those?  Of course you do!)  Well, this one has been nosing its way into my awareness for some time, like a dog noses your hand to get your attention.  I wasn’t sure what this change would look like, so I just let it continue to speak to me over the course of several months.  I sat in the “not knowing,” which at times is pretty uncomfortable.

This all changed two weeks ago when I had a call with my new business coach, Pamela Bruner, an EFTer, a success coach trained by Jack Canfield, and a former harpist with numerous recordings to her credit.

Well, actually, the story begins much further back… 

In 2000, my life turned upside down.  It ceased to exist as I knew it.  My Dark Night of the Soul had begun. 

Through the next two and a half years, I desperately looked for healing from the emotional wounds I carried.  And, though I trained in half a dozen healing modalities, and I meditated, and prayed, and gardened and journaled, nothing kept me from going back down into that deep, dark hole of pain. 

Until EFT. In one day, my pain, anger, shame, guilt, betrayal, and horror was gone.  Immediately, I went into share-this-with-the-world mode.  And others began to experience amazing healings, as well.  I ultimately became an expert in helping other heal their traumas.

During this time, my intuitive side developed, stronger and stronger and stronger.  I could feel my clients’ energies, their pain, their releases – even their thoughts – before they did.  It was an incredible marriage.

In 2006, my husband and I moved to Florida, where I entered several years of self-imposed quiet.  I entered the seminary and after two years, was ordained.  I realized I wanted to re-create my practice, but differently this time, with a much more spiritual bent, with a strong law of attraction component.  (Not that it hadn’t always been deeply spiritual; it had, but now the gloves were off!)

Through the course of re-creating my work, new (and some old) clients began to show up.  And as we worked together, they had amazing breakthroughs.  And I began to notice some similarities in the work we were doing:  every one of them (with perhaps the exception of one who already had strongly developed her intuition) was working on developing her trust in her own intuition – her own deep connection to the Divine, as she gained distinctions about what her Divine whispers felt and sounded like.

But while it occurred to me that this might be where I was to go with my work, I also argued with it inside my head.  “People want their lives, their loves, their work to be what they want!  Just help them think better thoughts and feel better feelings, and they can create what they want!”and “That other work might be seen as too airy fairy!  I need to do more practical work!”

And still, I would feel the pull.  The Divine Whispers came out of that.  They are whispers to me from the Divine for those of you who feel connected to their messages. And I began to see others in the coaching community whose work was taking on a decidedly spiritual, yes, even airy fairy, woowoo quality.  And I loved it.  I resonated with their work so deeply.

Finally, I could take no more.  During Pamela’s and my first talk together, I was like a volcano erupting, with months of pressure building up from the inside. 

I knew the direction my work was calling me.  And all I could think of was “all this work I’ve already done putting what I have together.  AAGGGHHH!!!”   And yet, within a few days after our call (and after tapping, of course), I felt calmer, more serene, more trusting of this shift.  Signs had long been popping up everywhere, validating this change, and now I was ready to hear.

I share all of this with you because you are a dear community and you signed up for “Think It Into Being.”  Well, we are going to continue down that pathway, but with an even more evident spiritual conversation.  The old signature system I promised has been scrapped for now.  Rather, it will be morphed into a new home-study signature system, wherein we delve deeply into learning how to recognize the signs from the Universe, how we distinguish them from our egos, and how to discover your own unique ways of receiving information from the Divine, all the while laughing and learning together.

Each step we take together on this journey is sacred and beautiful.  To release that which is no longer a fit and to embrace that which is is what each of us are called to do as we move through life.

I feel blessed to walk with each of you. I know that there is a good number of you whom I know well.  You have let me into your world, and I am profoundly grateful.

Thank you.


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  1. Oooooh, sounds like an exciting change! I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you do with this new direction… and it’s nice to see I’m not the only one that has to be dragged into my Right Things.

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