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Where should I be marketing?

Dear Anne –

There are so many places I could be marketing, and I see all of these incredible opportunities to market my business.  So I’ll buy one program and start to put it into place, and then I’ll buy another program and start to put it into place, and then something else sounds really good, and I want to buy that one, too! 

Not only is it expensive, but I’m finding that I’m not getting what I really need:  Results!  Clients!  Money!



Frustrated Woman


Dear Divine One –

You have a commonly-known problem called Shiny Object Syndrome.  The reason it has a name is because a lot of people suffer from it particularly in this age of the internet, mobile devices, and offerings.  There are so many offerings that look SOOO good and offer help in an area you feel you need help in, of course you want to buy it!  Of course you want the results they promise!




Why wouldn’t you?

However, the reason you don’t get results is this:  You aren’t staying with something long enough to create a systematized way to use it.  Instead, you are exploring.

In your first few years of business, you will make your life so much simpler if you just pick three marketing methods.  (I’ll share a number of options in a minute.)  Then focus on those three and create systems for them.  Once you are confident you have a good system going, you can outsource a lot of your system to someone else, giving you freedom to choose another area or two to market in.

For example, if you choose to do speaking to groups as a marketing technique (one of the best, by the way), you will want to create a system that would include the following:


  • CheckMark-smallerFind the places to speak
  • Connect with the person who makes the decision about who speaks at the event
  • Contact the person who makes the decision
  • Follow-up with the person who makes the decision
  • Send out your Speaker’s Kit to them
  • Schedule your appointments
  • Go speak at the event
  • Upsell something there (free gift, sessions, low-priced offering, higher-priced offering, etc.)
  • Follow-up with attendees after the event
  • Fulfill on your upsell
  • Schedule connection or strategy sessions
  • Conduct those sessions
  • Find more places to speak


Here are some suggested places to speak:

  • Local small events
  • Large live events or conferences you travel to
  • Your own event – or MeetUp group
  • Any place your people are gathered looking for help for a problem they have
  • Telesummits (as a guest)
  • Teleseminars (as a host)
  • Radio/TV interviews

Other marketing methods include:

  • Networking, which includes
    • Large live events you travel to
    • Two Colleagues TalkingLocal small events
    • MeetUp.com
    • Online Directories
    • Social Media marketing (Each social media site has its own rules and energy, so you’ll need to look at each site as a single marketing method.)
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • YouTube
      • Pinerest
      • Google+
      • Instagram
      • Radio – including your own show on BlogTalk Radio
  • Writing
    • Article Marketing
    • Writing as a columnist for a magazine/newspaper
    • Blogging
    • Writing a book, published or self-published
    • Writing a Kindle book (using Amazon’s incredible search engine)
  • Online Forums
  • Sponsoring events (having a table at a large event where your people are gathered)
  • Keep-in-touch marketing, which includes
    • Ezines (electronic magazines)
    • Print newsletters
    • Warm letters
    • Mailing gifts
    • Phone calls
  • Product marketing, on Etsy, Ebay, or Amazon
  • Postcard marketing
  • Joint-Venture (JV) marketing, which includes
    • Joint-Venture giveaways
    • Telesummits (as a host)
    • Cross-promotion with another colleague


Remember to follow-through, though.  It’s not enough to get people’s contact information.  What will you do with it?  How will you follow-up? 

Each marketing method you choose will need to have a follow-up system, too.  Otherwise, what’s the point in marketing and getting people’s contact information?

With the many options available to market your business, it’s easy to understand why someone would get confused.  It makes sense that if you are trying to do too many at once, you would be overwhelmed and frustrated with your results.

They all represent a powerful marketing opportunity.  But you cannot do them all – especially in the beginning years of a business.  And you cannot do them all at one time.  It’s too much.  That’s like going to a buffet restaurant and eating everything on the buffet.   

So choose three.  Choose three methods that fit your personality and your style of doing business.  Get your systems into place.  Work with a coach to help you get your methods organized and systematized.  It will make a very big difference!

Then, once you have success with three marketing methods, you add more. 

And as always…




5 thoughts on “Where should I be marketing?”

  1. OMG, I’ve been trying to do WAY too many things! I’m still noticing that I want to do too much!

    If I want to do Speaking, Networking and Keep In Touch Marketing, would you suggest that I pick just one option under each of those three categories to begin with?

    For example, Radio, Facebook and Email Newsletters. Is that what you mean be picking 3?

    Also, why did you put Radio under Social Media Networking? Is that assuming that I’m interviewing people?

    Also, where would Teleseminars aka “free calls” go? Would that speaking?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, absolutely, Casey. Choose three. Facebook is one whole strategy in and of itself. Get your strategy in place and then you can begin to outsource it. (It won’t take terribly long to do. And most social media marketing can be at least partially outsourced.)

      In order for radio to be able to be effective, you’ll want to be able to direct traffic to your website to be able to access a free offer. Otherwise, it’s less-than-effective marketing.

      Keep-in-touch marketing (email newsletters) is an essential piece of your business, so you’ll absolutely want that as a part of your marketing.

      Teleseminars (free training calls to build your list), yes, are under speaking. And radio should actually be under speaking. Sorry about that. And thanks for that question. Great one!

  2. Anne, This is a very timely article for me. I have several marketing processes I have started, and feel guilty for not keeping all of the methods up in the air at the same time. Now I know why – that’s too many to juggle by myself. My first instincts are to select FaceBook, Blogging, and Phone Calls. Now, time to create a systemized way to use it, and measure my efforts and results.

    1. Hi, Susan –

      So glad to hear it. I know that when I’ve tried to do too many marketing strategies all at once, it’s awful! Overwhelm and frustration sets in from lack of results.

      Yes, go do your top 3. Those sound good, by the way. 🙂

      Hugs, Anne

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