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$20,000 for a new roof???

Thank goodness for tapping!  Seriously, thank goodness for tapping.

When we moved in late December 2018, we knew full well we’d need to put a roof on the barn. What we didn’t knew was 1) how bad the current barn roof was, i.e., how quickly we’d need to get a new one, and 2) how much it would cost to do. We figured it was one of those yeah-we’ll-get-to-it-eventually things.

Raaja (our horse) arrived in January and we quickly learned that the barn roof leaked. Badly. In lots of places. Given we have a pretty serious rainy season (aka hurricane season) here in South Florida, we knew we’d need to get a roof on this year.

So we began to get estimates. And the estimates varied wildly. One estimate was $28,000+, and another was $14,000 (with no permits, and therefore no inspections).

Hmmm… what’s a Divine One to do?  Well, we ended up going with a company who had done a friend’s roof and they were in the middle as far as costs, but highly recommended. 

But they wanted cash. To use a credit card they’d tack on a 3% fee for processing. (Something that is pretty common with contracting companies. Can they really do that?)

So, how many of us have $20K lying around for a new roof? Oh, and the gutters now need replacing, too, to the tune of an additional $1,500.

Have you ever been in a situation like this?

This meant creating the money, because, well, Raaja needed a new roof! 

This is where tapping comes in for me. All the time. So that creating what I want (and need) becomes a reality, instead of just a wish.

You see, there was a time when this was most definitely not the case. Heck, I wouldn’t have had the money to put new gutters on, much less a new roof!

But because I’ve been doing the inner work around beliefs I had around money, when the time came to get the new roof, we had the money.

It didn’t happen overnight. (I wish!) But it did happen. Creating money is a lot about allowing, about receiving. How many ways do we say “no thank you” to gifts and opportunities that come our way? How many times do we say “no, I can’t do that”?

Often, right?

The reason tapping works is that it works on the beliefs that support us in creating what we want (and need). What I used to believe (and say out loud) were things like

  • “How can they charge so much money?!”
  • “Why is it so expensive!”
  • “I don’t have the money for that!”
  • “What do they think, money grows on trees?!”
  • and so on.

So, Divine One, if you’re in a place where you’re ready to let go of some of your own (limiting) money beliefs, then join me for a free call tomorrow where we’re going to do some of that inner work.

Tuesday, July 2nd at 12 noon Eastern:

Tap into Your Divine Money Magic
How to create the money you want … anytime!

(click on the graphic to register)

If, on the other hand, you know right here and right now you want to spend some time working on your beliefs, and you want a fun way to do it (and inexpensive!), then please join me for a program that starts next week:

For 5 weeks, every single day (except weekends), we’re going to tap together, laugh together and maybe even cuss together, to clear out some of the stuff that keeps you from having the money you want. 

Best of all it’s only $25. (yes, indeedy!)

Lovie, you deserve the money you want and need to make your dreams come true.  So let’s do some clearing to help that happen, ok? I can’t wait to see you there! 



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