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5 ways systems support your business (and your sanity!)

Entrepreneurs often get into business because they want freedom and money and because building a business can provide them the life they want.

Spiritual entrepreneurs do this, as well, but they add an extra special piece to it:  they feel called to bring their sacred gifts (their healing, their teaching, or their message) to the world.

But somewhere along the line as their business grows, things begin to get a little bit crazy:


  • Bookkeeping doesn’t always get handled on time. 
  • Prospective clients drop through the cracks and aren’t followed up with. 
  • Marketing plans go awry. 
  • Offices get cluttered and disorganized.
  • Client care gets compromised. 
  • Computer files are a mess. 
  • Things take forever to find or to get handled.

 Help me please!


When this happens, you know it’s time to dig in and begin to focus on the “unsexy” part of being in business: 


Your systems. 

Your structure. 

Your methods of doing things.  


You see, having been in “crazy-world” with no systems, I completely get how powerful (and frankly SEXY) systems are! 

And after spending the last two years focusing on the systems that make up my business, I have a new belief that looks like this:


Structure = Sanity


 Sanity = Sexy


Kissing Couple


(Oooh, la la!)


There was a point in my business that I realized that unless I hunkered down and focused on creating systems, my world was never going to feel solid.  I always felt anxious and worried about my business.  I was always dealing with drama.

And so one day, I said “No more!  No more drama in my business!  I am so over it!”

And from that moment on, I began to focus on systems in my business.

Now I’m a Systems Goddess! I LOVE systems! With systems, you can rest assured that…


  • Every team member understands how things work in their jobs – from A-Z.
  • You have checklists for what happens when you bring in a new client, when you send out a newsletter, or when you do a launch.
  • You easily create systems for new programs, or marketing methods, such as my new baby, the Divinely Intuitive™ Business Radio Show!
  • You can sleep at night knowing your Operations Manual of systems is in order and you won’t be in a complete mess if you lose a team member.


Systems ROCK!

Systems will powerfully support your business in these ways:

1)      Your Divine Team.   When you have systems in place, each member of your team understands his or her role in your business. They know what they are doing, and how to do it. They know who else is doing what piece of a project and who to ask for support from.

2)      Your Divine Clients. When a new client comes on board, your team knows exactly what to do. They know what to do and say to provide excellent client care. And you are able to support your clients’ needs more fully and more easily.


Happy Clients = A Happy You!


3)      Your Divine Marketing. When you have checklists for the places you share your teleseminar offerings, or your workshops, or your events, you are able to get your marketing done far more effectively. You don’t have to go searching for the information you used last time (or the time before) because it’s all right there in one spot. You know what to do after you offer a program or give a speech; you know how to follow up and even have templates that you model from for each situation.

4)      Your Divine Reputation. Having systems helps you provide Divine client care, which builds your reputation in your industry. Showing up consistently in your field builds trust.  Having systems to help with follow-through, and to respond to requests and invitations, allows you to shine.  And, as you use social media, systems allow you to 1) outsource some of the busyness of social media, and 2) know where you are able to promote (or not) and on which days.

5)      Your Divine Operations Manual. This is the structure of your business. It tells who does what, when and how. If you lose a team member, it will be a loss, but the training of a new person is significantly shortened because of the fact that you have clear instructions on how things are done in your business. (Having this one thing in place in your business will allow you to sleep much more soundly at night!)


Your Divine Take-Action Steps:

Begin to keep track of and write down the ways in which you do things. You can start your Operations Manual of systems simply. Ask your team members to write down how they do things. Keep it all together in one file that you monitor carefully. Don’t ignore this part of your business. It is too important.

Creating your Operations Manual will provide you a level of freedom and security that you can take all the way to the bank!




4 thoughts on “5 ways systems support your business (and your sanity!)”

  1. Anne has kindly and slowly explained the importance of systems to me since I’ve been blessed to work with her.
    It is not an exaggeration to say that this is transforming the way I work.
    Systems rock and they ARE SEXY!!!!

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