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Challenged with the dreaded follow-up?

Love networking?  How about following up after networking? 


It is my experience that many spiritual entrepreneurs feel challenged when get home after an event.  That phone feels like it weighs a thousand pounds. 

Sound familiar? 

Did you ever wonder


  • I know I’m supposed to follow up, but I just don’t know what to say!
  • I don’t want someone to feel like I’m bothering them!


And the worst one of all…

            What if they don’t like me?

Well, baby, I’ve got your solution!   Let’s do some tapping on that.


Click on the link below and listen – and tap – along with me!

MP3 File

By the way, the tapping points are on my website at http://DivinelyIntuitiveBusiness.com, under the home page, under “freebies”.  

Now go get your Divine ON!

Hugs, Anne


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