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Create Your Divine Brand Course


Want a juicy brand?
(Want to know what makes a juicy brand?)

This 5-week branding workshop to help you create a juicy, cohesive, clear brand that inspires you and draws your ideal clients to you like a magnet.

You’ll discover:

  • what a brand is (and what makes it juicy!),
  • why it is so important for growing an abundant, prosperous business, and
  • how you can create your own perfect, divine brand that helps you stand out and get your gifts out into the world in a big, powerful way!

You’ll define who your clients are, what your message is, and be able to speak clearly and confidently about the results you provide so that potential clients will notice you and want to work with you. Included are guided visualizations, tapping audios and exercises to support you as you birth your brand.

Here’s what’s in the
Create Your Divine Brand course:

Transcripts, Exercises & Mp3s

  • Week 1 –  Meet Your Divine Name & Meet Your Divine Client
  • Week 2 – Meet Your Divine Message & Tagline
  • Week 3 – Meet Your Divine Logo
  • Week 4 – Meet Your Divine Brand’s Personality
  • Week 5 – Know Your Divine Brand’s Reach

Additional Handouts

  • Your Divine Intention
  • Juicy Brands & Taglines Sample List


  • Juicy Tips on Divine Branding Handout

Bonus Mp3s

  • Fear of Committing to a Brand (a tapping mp3 recording)
  • Living Up to Your Brand (a tapping mp3 recording)
  • Your Divine Brand Affirmations and Tapping Audio

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Create Your Divine Offer Course


Create Your Divine Offer is a 5-week business training designed to guide you through divine process of structuring your business so you can have committed, consistent clients, steady (and even increased!) income, and the freedom to leverage your gifts…so you can have the abundant, prosperous life you so deserve!

I’ll personally walk you through each step, plus teach you how to avoid the biggest mistakes nearly all spiritual entrepreneurs make when packaging and charging for their services.

In Create Your Divine Offer, you will discover:

  • The difference between the “kiss of death” business model and a transformational, value-based model (and why the latter is KEY to a prosperous, thriving business!)
  • How to gain clarity about your offering, so people will show up and pay to work with you
  • How to organize your work in a packaged, systematized way, so you can get better, more committed clients who want your work and are eager to work with you,
  • How to increase your bottom-line and make changes that you can take to the bank!

Here’s what you’ll get in this program:

Transcripts, Exercises & Mp3s

  • Class 1 – Your Divine Offer 101
  • Class 2 – Your Client’s Divine Transformation
  • Class 3 – Divine Offer Options
  • Class 4 – Your Divine Offer’s Presentation
  • Class 5 – Divine Pricing

Additional Handouts

  • Tapping Points Handout

Bonus Mp3

  • Your Divine Offer Affirmations and Tapping Audio

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Sacred, Sexy Sales Course



  • Do you wonder how you can help the people you love to help AND make the abundant, prosperous living you desire?
  • Do you feel sleazy when you think about having to sell to your clients in your spiritual business – so you avoid it altogether?
  • Do you want to feel as though you are in complete integrity and feel deeply connected to your prospective clients when you offer your services, and know that the offer you are making is powerful and life-transforming?

Well, if so, you’re in luck!

The Sacred Sexy Sales program is an 8-week course designed to teach you how to have an effective strategy session or discovery session (i.e., sales conversation) that will lead to more clients saying yes to working with you.  Clearly, for you, this leads to more sales, more money, more freedom AND more connection with your ideal prospects, without feeling sleazy or pushy.

This program will help you completely transform the way you and your clients experience your strategy sessions. 

Can you imagine what might happen if you experienced your sales experiences as a fun, connecting and even courting process… one that begins with mutual interest in one another and and ultimately ends up where both parties experience feeling connected to one another, connected to possibility and even connected to the Divine?

Sacred Sexy Sales will show you how to do just that. 

It’s time you shared your your Divinely-given gifts (without fear!) with the people who want them, are searching for them, and are needing them!

Here’s what you’ll get in this program:

Transcripts, Exercises & Mp3s

  • Module 1 – Let the Wooing Begin!
  • Module 2 – That First Glance
  • Module 3 – The Divine Connection
  • Module 4 – Let the Lovin’ Begin!
  • Module 5 – Your Sacred Sexy Questions
  • Module 6 – Was it Good for You?
  • Module 7 – After the Lovin’ – Was this a One-Talk Stand?
  • Module 8 – Doing it Again (and Again, and Again)

Additional Handouts (in addition to the many you receive with each Module)

  • Tapping Points Handout

Bonus Call

  • Module 9 – Tapping Into Your Sales Sexiness

Other Bonuses

  • Sacred Sexy Sales Affirmations (mp3)


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Your Divine BIZ JV Giveaway Course


Dear Divine Spiritual Entrepreneur:

  • Have you been trying to figure out how to build your list, but you aren’t really sure how to go about it so that you get great results?
  • Are you struggling with creating a free gift offer to get your Divine potential clients to sign up for your list?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the technical steps it takes to create and build a list?
  • Have you ever passed on an opportunity to participate in a giveaway(one of the BEST WAYS to build your list) because you didn’t know what to do or even where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we’re so glad you’re here!

You’re about to discover the easiest, most effective, most reliable way to build your list authentically and quickly, by simply sharing your Divine gifts freely with the world.

Best of all, you’ll also get the opportunity to grow your own list (by the hundreds!) and participate in a joint venture giveaway JUST for spiritual entrepreneurs!




Divine Client Attraction Program


Dear Divine Entrepreneur:

Are you…

  • Great at what you do, but not making the money you know you could be making?
  • Clear that you could be helping way more clients than you currently are?
  • Trying to get more clients, but find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, and not sure what to do to get more clients?
  • Very aware that what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked the way you thought it could, would or should have worked?
  • Really ready to grow your coaching, healing or intuitive business?
  • Oh, so readyto make more money, but not sure what to do to get the best – and quickest – results?
  • Interested in trying different marketing strategies to attract more ideal clients, but stop short because, well, let’s be honest, they haven’t worked so well in the past…


And… if you wonder how you can

  • Make more money;
  • Help more people;
  • Get more ideal, perfect clients;
  • Create the freedom you want in your business…

well, then keep reading, because you are definitely in the right place!



4 Clients in 4 Weeks Challenge
Ready to Attract 4 Clients in 4 Weeks?

Dear Divine Entrepreneur:

  • Have you tried everything you know to do to get clients, but it still isn’t working (at least not fast enough)?
  • Do you find yourself not getting clients (or even trying!) because you aren’t sure about who your niche is or how you serve them?
  • Do you keep yourself a little bit “invisible” because you’re still trying to figure out your message (or your trying to get your website put together)?
  • Are you tired of seeing others get clients and wondering what you’re doing “wrong”?
  • Are you concerned that if you don’t “figure it out” quickly, you’ll need to go get a job to pay the bills?
  • Are you getting worried about money (or maybe your partner or spouse is worrying, too)?

Well guess what?

You’re about to discover the easiest, and fastest way to get clients (and get some money flowing into your business) … even if you are just starting out!

Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • A kick-off call that explains the 4 Clients in 4 Weeks Challenge (4-in-4) in  exquisite detail, so that you’ll know exactly what you need to do each day, and each week, of the Challenge (no worries – it’s recorded so you can listen again and again)’
  • Yummy checklists to get you focused and clear as you set your new Client Attraction system in place (in downloadable pdf format, of course);
  • Powerful energy techniques to help you get rid of fears and concerns that come up as you set your new system in place (believe me, you’ll LOVE this piece!);
  • A closing ceremony call to celebrate you and all of your successes (with an mp3 recording for later enjoyment).!

Imagine what getting one new client would be worth!  And multiply that number by hundreds! 

Because once you learn this system, you’ll be able to generate clients whenever you want to!


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Tap into Your Divine Money
    Discover the Secret to Making More Money in Your Business

Dear Divine Entrepreneur:

Do you

  • Avoid looking at your debt because it’s just too scary?
  • Avoid words like budgeting, know your numbers, and just hope that it’s all going to get better?
  • Hope that if you just pray harder or meditate more that that will be enough to bring in the money to pay the bills?
  • Get anxious about money (especially when it’s time to pay those bills!) or have a partner or spouse who is anxious about it (and letting you know!)?
  • Find that you compare yourself to others and end up feeling not good enough?
  • Know you need (and want!) to create a savings account (or a retirement account, or save to pay for your kids’ college) but you just haven’t figured out how to make it happen?
  • Know that if you don’t “figure it out” quickly, you’ll need to go get a job to pay the bills?

If so, then great!  (just hear me out…)

In Tap into Your Divine Money program, you’re about to discover one of the most elegant ways of connecting with, engaging, and attracting money … even if you have struggled with it for a long time!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in 

Tap into Your Divine Money


Module 1:  Your Divine Money Mindset

Module 2:  Your Divine Money Plan

Module 3:  Your Divine Money Connections

Module 4:  Anchor Your Divine Energy

This is what makes any of the courses I offer different from any other business coach.  Some say that tapping is like “magic” because it is so effective.  I would definitely agree.  And you’ll be able to use this simple, easy-to-use technique long after the class is over.

Most of all, you’ll be able to get out of your own way, take actions to “get out there” more confidently, and ultimately, make more money!


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$25,000 in 25 Days
Tap into Your Divine Abundance

Dear Divine Entrepreneur:

  • Have you tried everything you know to do to make more money, but it still isn’t working (at least not fast enough)?
  • Do you find yourself frustrated that the money you want to make – heck, deserve to make – just doesn’t seem to be flowing in?
  • Is it actually flowing more out than in?
  • Is your spouse or partner saying things like “Maybe you should just get a job, because this business thing just doesn’t seem to be working.”
  • Do you worry that maybe they’re right?

Yeah.  I get it.  I’ve been there, too.

But here’s the truth about creating money: 

Your energy (your beliefs)

actually determine your income.

Do yourself a favor and let go of the things that are keeping you stuck where you are.  Allow yourself to receive more.  (Think of how many more people you can help when you do that!)

Want to know what you’ll get if you say yes?

  • The opportunity to get present to the beliefs you have inside that keep you from creating the money you want (and need) in your business.
  • The opportunity to clear out those beliefs.
  • The opportunity to actually create $25K in 25 days! (or more!)
  • Most of all… FREEDOM from your old, tired, worn-out, outdated, wrong-sized, limiting and very seriously troubling money beliefs that stop you from creating what you want (over and over again)!

Experience some serious (and oh, so yummy!) shifts in your relationship to money (and mostly receiving money!).  And what happens when you shift your relationship to anything?  Things change.  Big time.


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25 Clients in 25 Days

5 Weeks of Mindset Magic

Fill Your Client List (and Your Programs) Easily!

An Online Virtual Event of Daily Tapping

Here’s what you’ll get in the program:

  • Daily tapping calls – 25 total! – where we clear out the beliefs about being able to attract the clients we want;
  • An mp3 recording of the calls – in full, unedited;
  • You’ll get clearer and clearer about your ability to attract the clients you want to attract, as you open up more and more to receiving them into your energy field;
  • You’ll get ME! We’ll have fun, we’ll laugh a lot, and I’ll be available to you for the entire time.

What Iwillguarantee is this:

  • You will come away from this class with significant new awareness about how your specific beliefs are creating your reality, in this case, about your ability to create an abundance of clients.
  • You will clear out a whole LOT of limiting beliefs! (worth 10x the cost of this program!)
  • You will have a new ability to create clients when you want and need them
  • You will feel freer, more willing, and way more capable of creating clients whenever you want!

And because of that, you may very well create 25 clients in 25 days!  (Some people in this program will actually do just that!)

So, let’s turn on the client flow, shall we?  You’ve got nothing to lose, except some tired, old outworn fears and beliefs.


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Plan Your Divine Year – 2020

Create a year filled with fun & freedom
(& your very own fabulousness!)

Do you know where your business is? 

Do you know where it's heading? 

Are you ready to create an amazing year?

As a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs (healers, coaches, holistic practitioners, intuitives, energy therapists), I have discovered that many of my Divine peeps spend so much time serving their clients that their own business falls by the wayside

They don’t spend enough time

serving themselves.

There are a lot of reasons for this.  I’m sure you’ve noticed how many aspects there are to running your business – so much so that many times your own planning gets put on hold.


  • What if you took a little time for yourself?
  • What if you took a little time for your business?
  • What if you spent some time getting clear about how YOU want 2020 to be? 

Because when you do, your chances of staying focused and actually creating what you intend are so much greater than if you don’t get clear.  (You probably teach this to your clients, too, right?)   

This was happening to me, too.  When I realized it, I decided I had to give my own business planning attention, too.  It just wasn't fair to me to ignore my business and help everyone else. 

So years ago, I began to hold a sacred ceremony at the beginning of each year where I celebrated the year that passed, I blessed it, thanked it and released it... and then co-created with the Divine what I intended to create in the new year.

And every year, I have found myself to be delightfully surprised to see how many of those intentions manifested. 

You can do this, too.

Experience a powerful, secret ritual, combined with  a fabulous training to support you as you create your business plan for a Divinely abundant year!

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