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Do You Have Cinderella Syndrome?

Hey there, Divine One!

Growing up, I loved fairy tales.  My very favorite one was Cinderella, who was rescued by the prince from her evil stepmother and hateful stepsisters.  Cinderella was sweet and kind (and she loved animals).  It was her goodness that won the day.


Early in building my coaching business, I discovered that, like Cinderella, I wanted to be rescued.  Heck, I needed to be rescued! … from uncomfortable sales conversations, from the drama of an income that felt like I was on a terrifying roller coaster ride, from the challenges of hiring (and managing) a team, from trying to understand how to market, and so on.

I now jokingly call this The Cinderella Syndrome.

For centuries, women were taught to wait for someone to rescue them.  You could say it’s in our DNA.  Just think of all of those fairy tales passed down through time…

And on top of that, we have been told to outsource everything except our genius.  But in the earlier years of building your business, you’re still discovering what your genius is, so outsourcing things like sales and marketing is a disaster (for lots of reasons we won’t go into here). 

Yet, I followed the guidance of mentors.  I outsourced things, and some things that I absolutely shouldn’t have.  Doing so was disasterous and it cost me and my business dearly. 

But all of that came from my own Cinderella Syndrom, from my deep desire to have someone else to “fix it and make all of the pain and frustration go away.”  (Ever felt like that?)

The problem was, I couldn’t just turn over building my business to someone else and say “Here you go.  Create my systems for me.” Or “Here you go. Make my sales calls.” Or“Here you go. Take care of my marketing.”  And so on.

I needed to learn how to do those things first myself before hiring someone else to do.  (Unfortunately, they don’t tell you that when they tell you to outsource everything except your genius.)   

Back then, I just wanted someone to wave her magic wand and give me the business I dreamed about:  one that was sustainable, easy and abundant. 


Then I’d know how to market, how to have a sales call, how to write copy.  Most of all I’d know how to make money because I’d be able to get clients with the wave of the wand. (Sounds great, right?) 

But building my business wasn’t like that.  Learning how to make money wasn’t like that.  It was trial and error. 

Instead, it was all about clearing my beliefs, learning new skills, being uncomfortable and just hunkering down and doing the work.

Even though I don’t have a magic wand for you, I do have things that make it easier (far easier!) to build your business…

  • Energy tools to help you shift your mindset(i.e., beliefs, fears, worries, anxieties, etc.);
  • Strategies to help you understand how to do things more effectively;
  • Meditations to help you reprogram your subconscious mind so that you have less resistance to taking the actions you know you need to take in order to create the things you want to create;
  • Affirmations to help you claim your Divine Truth and own it;
  • Connection with your Divine Team to help you build what you want to build (and when!);
  • and oh, so much more.

As a business coach, I see that one of the biggest challenges most Divinely-guided entrepreneurs have in their business is creating a flow of money in their business so that it’s consistent and sufficient.


Creating money doesn’t have to be filled

with angst and fear. 

It can be easy.  It can be fun.


Tap into Your Divine Money (which starts TODAY!), is a 4-week online program designed to give you the tools to create a deeper and more loving connection with your money.

When you have a deeper and

more loving connection with money,

then you create more of it.


It’s that simple.  This means you relax when it comes to the subject of money … especially when it comes time to pay the bills! 

Look, I know that it’s a big promise to say that this course will help you be able to do this, but I’m taking a strong stand that it will.  You see, the tools and techniques we’ll cover in the program have transformed my own financial life. 

And because they are universal tools – meaning tools that are based on universal laws and energy, they will do the same for you.  (if you use them, that is.)

Do yourself a favor and at least check it out.  Don’t let Cinderella Syndrome affect your wallet (and your life).  Give yourself one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself:  a happy, healthy relationship with money.


Tap into Your Divine Money

A 4-week Online Virtual Event


I hope I’ll see you there. 

Divine hugs,
Rev. Anne Presuel
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

p.s.  Don’t let an inner conversation about money stop you from learning how to connect with, and create more, money.  Just don’t do that to yourself.  

Although if that is what’s happening, then you’ll want to be in this class, so you can change that inner conversation!
p.p.s.  If you really KNOW you want to be in the class but you don’t see how because money is very tight right now, email me and let’s work something out.  You need to be in the class, and I want you in there.  Let’s get creative.  But you have to ask.
p.p.p.s.  If you’re drawn to this class, but you’ve got your“Yeah, but” going – “Yeah, but I’m busy” or “Yeah, but I took another class on money and it didn’t help” – please, please listen to your inner guidance, not your “Yeah, but.” 
Your inner guidance is always right.  Always.  Your“Yeah, but” is your fear, your resistance, and it will talk you out of your intuitive guidance (if you let it).  Always. 
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