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Here’s why she now has to go get a job…

This past week, I saw a post on Facebook from someone I had spoken with a year ago about her business.

Last year, she had recently left her job and was wanting to make her business work. But she didn’t want to take a chance and invest in her business. What she wanted was to build her business without support or help. “I can get what I need from free teleseminars,” she told me.

This week, in her Facebook post, I saw that she was in despair about having to go get a job. She said she “tried everything” to make her business work, and now she was facing a harsh reality: she needed money.

I really felt for her, because that’s not a fun place to be. But, and this is an important but: she didn’t have to be there. Because just one year before, she had been given an offer to help her get strong support in building her business, but she had said “No, thank you, I’ll do it myself.”

Unfortunately for her, that didn’t work out so well.

How many times do we (you/me) turn away from an opportunity that is in front of us because we think we can do it better (even if we aren’t doing it better at the time)? (A lot, right?)

I’m sharing this story with you because it’s such a powerful example about investing in yourself and your business and taking action (saying “yes!“) when you are given an opportunity.

Because certain opportunities don’t come around every day!

This leads me to the opportunity I’m sharing with you here. On Monday, 5/11, we are starting a new program called:

The 4 Clients in 4 Weeks Challenge!

An Online Virtual Event

4 Clients in 4 Weeks

In this program, you are going to get support and training in:

  • Understanding how to find the clients you want,
  • What to do (and say!) once you find them,
  • How to keep the relationship growing, and
  • How to create your Client Attraction system so that you can keep getting clients for as long as you want!

The truth of the matter is that if you have this in place (and are doing it!), you will not need to worry about going to get a job. (Like seriously.)

Here is how the program is delivered to you. You will get:

  • Calls on how to set a system up for attracting clients;
  • Mp3s of the calls (so you don’t have to be on the calls live to get the information);
  • Checklists, so you’ll know what to do and when;
  • Accountability – as much or as little as you like; and
  • A community of like-minded peeps, so you can network, get (and give) support, and celebrate together (like we talked about above).

Plus… you will also get two of my favorite mindset & energy tools to support you as you create your system.

These tools helped me as I have built my business, and they will help you, as well:

  • Divine Client Attraction Heart-to-Heart Guided Visualization, and
  • Divine Client Attraction Affirmations

(Each is sold separately on my website for $37)

Heart-to-Heart Connection

And it’s ONLY $44!

Finally, you are going to get this amazing Directory (and shown HOW to use it). This Divine Directory is a compilation of over 300 websites where you can list your intuitive, healing, coaching or holistic services. It is truly Divine!

By the way, if you’ve already gotten this Directory and wondered what to do with it, well, now you’re going to learn how to use it!
Divine Directory

All for just $44!

We start Monday, May 11. Give yourself the gift of joining us.

Your business will thank you.

I’ll see you there.

p.s. The participants in this fabulous community are already downloading the gifts and getting themselves ready for Monday. Won’t you join us?

The 4 Clients in 4 Weeks Challenge!

Get Your Divine On


2 thoughts on “Here’s why she now has to go get a job…”

  1. Hi Rev. Anne,

    It’s so nice to meet you. I was recommended to your site through a friend and I’m glad she did. This story resonated with. I’ve invested in myself but still haven’t seen the kinds of results I want to see. Right now, I’m in the process of evaluating my efforts and determining what to tweak in order to get a better result.

    Blessings to you,
    Rev. Sherri

    1. Hi, Rev. Sherri –

      How fabulous to hear from you! Investing in yourself as an entrepreneur definitely makes a difference – and the evaluations are essential, aren’t they?

      Hugs, Anne

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