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How I got my first paying clients

It was 2003, and I was just starting my business.  I had a teen-aged daughter, and some savings on which to live.  But that spring, the savings were dwindling, significantly.  We had only a couple of months left to live on.
My Plan B was to go get a job if I needed to, but only if absolutely necessary.  Building a business was way harder than I had realized and I just wasn’t getting clients in very much.  Every now and then someone would come, but it wasn’t happening with any kind of frequency or consistency.
One day, I decided to go to Kelly Girls and take their myriad of tests to see what software I was proficient in.  (Not many.)  I spent a week there that afternoon. It felt like torture!
When I left, the girl behind the desk looked up at me with a smile and said “Oh, sorry. You’ll need to come back and do this again. Our system crashed and we lost all of your test data.”
Oh, hell NO!  Talk about a sign!
I left that afternoon with a resolve inside that sounded like this “I will do anything to make my business work.  Anything!
I had wanted to write an article for our local holistic newspaper but I was confused about what to write and afraid of the paper rejecting it.  I tapped.  Then I wrote the article and sent it. And the paper published it.
I had wanted to talk about tapping to a group of people, but I’d been afraid to ask if I could do that. I tapped. Then I asked. And the answer was yes.
And so on.
Within two weeks of that awful afternoon, I got three long-term clients.  All three of them came frequently and stayed with me long after I left Charlottesville in 2006. 
And from that point on, clients began to show up.  Consistently. Because I began to show up and market my little fledgling business. Consistently.
This is the power of tapping.  This is the power of a decision.
If you want more clients, consider taking some time to handle your all powerful inner point of client attraction: your energy
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