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Mercury Retrograde Moments

It’s Retrograde time. Not just Mercury, but Venus, as well. And we are in the middle of 3 eclipses. And a whole bunch of other astrological stuff that is putting the light on all kinds of shadows. Have you noticed?
We are certainly seeing this play out globally, that’s for sure. But personally, many of us are noticing where our own triggers are getting activated:
  • our boundaries with others are getting challenged,
  • we find ourselves getting pulled into other people’s drama more easily,
  • our own feelings of powerlessness or frustration are more activated,
  • there’s a sense of things happening so quickly that it’s hard to process it all,
  • and so on.
I get it. It’s happening over here, too. Here’s how I handle a Mercury Retrograde (Merc Rx) period…
Communication is one of the most challenging issues during Merc Rx, so pay closer attention to your communication.
Triggers Happen
I am careful to watch for the inevitable crap that will come up for me. I do my best to back off of whatever’s kicking my butt at the moment, so that I can process the trigger and get re-centered, whether that’s processing my upset with a friend or my husband, or whether it’s just tapping through it or journaling or some other re-centering tool. If I don’t, I won’t get the Divine guidance on what the deeper lesson is.
Just say no if you can help it. If you must sign a contract, then please read it very carefully. Again, communication. Once we completed a refinancing on our home in a retrograde period. It turned out to be just fine but I went into it with my eyes wide open.
Technology is often affected during a Merc Rx period, so try not to get upset when something techie doesn’t go your way. Instead, back off and then come back to it with fresh eyes.
Large Ticket Items
Again, just say no. We have purchased things in the past and always regretted it. Whether it’s because something failed or broke or it didn’t work, or because we later found the same item at a much better price, we’ve learned to stay away from large purchases.
Example: one year, we purchased and had installed a refrigerator with a water line. The installer messed up and two days later we realized we had a massive flood in our kitchen behind the walls. $25,000 in water damage & mold later… Frankly, it’s easier to wait; it’s easier to work with the energies rather than against them.
The best things to do in a Merc Rx period are:
  • Organize,
  • Take care of and complete older projects,
  • Get quiet,
  • Do art projects, read, play,
  • Clean,
  • Increase your self-care, whatever that looks like for you.
For me, it as a time of clearing up things so that once it ends I have the energy for new projects, new experiences. It’s a restful time, even if it can be bumpy.
By the way, Merc Rx isn’t always bumpy. It depends on your own astrological chart. Some Merc Rx times are very smooth. But others, because of where it lands astrologically (i.e., this current one is in Cancer (a water sign) and I’m Pisces (a water sign), and I’ve noticed that there’s more stuff coming up for me in this one than some others).
If you’re noticing a bumpier ride than normal, then take a deep breath and get quiet and centered. Tap. You’ll get the guidance about how to handle it. Promise.
Having said all of that, I think we should do a Divine Business Reading today. Shall we play together for a bit? Let’s!
Facebook Live at 2 pm Eastern
Just click on that link above and ask to be added to the group if you aren’t already a part of it.
Let’s get some answers about how to move forward through the rest of this Merc Rx, shall we?
I hope I’ll see you there!

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