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5 Ways Spiritual Entrepreneurs Turn on Their Divine Money Flow

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Spiritual Entrepreneurs offer some of the most powerful, transformative gifts in the world. They change lives, sometimes just by walking in the room. (Have you noticed?)

Yet, so many find themselves feeling tense when it comes to paying the bills or considering a larger investment in themselves or their business. They worry,

  • Will I be able to make enough money next month (or next year)? or
  • How can I make more money? or
  • Why does everything seem to be so expensive? or
  • Will I ever be able to get ahead?!

Spiritual Entrepreneur with no money

They even wonder if they should just go get a job!

Yet creating more money is no different than creating anything else. When you want to create something, what do you do? You think about it, dream about it, visualize it, play in the energy of it, dream about it, plan for it, and so on.  And by doing that, you actually create it.

 Money loves to be loved!

Here are 5 energy techniques I use consistently to turn on my Divine money flow. Use them and start bringing in more and more abundance in your world!


1.       Do the deep inner energy work. If you want something manifested in your world, then you’ve got to be aligned with it. In order to align with it, you’ve got to clear the way for it to come into your existence. This usually isn’t fun work, and oftentimes, it ain’t pretty. It’s triggering, feeling-crappy kind of work. (I personally use tapping – among other things – to help me move quickly through my crap. And yes, I still have crap that I go through. That hasn’t stopped.)

BUT, as you go through it, you find yourself feeling better and better, and as a result, doing different things that bring you more and more success in your work. Blessedly, the more you do this work, the less triggered you get by situations and people. Also, you will feel far less judgmental not only about yourself, but also about others. This equals more ease and more flow – in everything!

Do what inner work you can do for yourself and find a good energy therapist to support you and to help you clear your blind spots.


2.    Listen to and speak affirmations. This is an incredibly powerful tool that seems to be so overlooked and underused. You are always affirming things. Whether you are affirming wealth or poverty is up to you. “I can’t afford that” is an affirmation. “It’s too rich for my blood” is another one.  But guess what?  They’re creating the very thing you don’t want.  (Can’t afford it!)

Wealth affirmations are powerful reframing and aligning tools. They will help you reprogram your subconscious to be aligned with your Divinely-given vision. By the way, tapping while listening to affirmations is especially powerful!

Before I created my own affirmations, I would really listen to the words people used in their affirmation recordings. I would listen to their voice (tonality) and the cadence (speed). That was very important to me. In addition, I would pay close attention to the background music, and ask myself “Do I love it?”

Knowing how you will be using them is very important. Will they be playing in the background? Will you be playing them while you drive? As you fall asleep?


3.     Use guided meditations or visualizations. This is an incredibly powerful tool that is also overlooked and underused. During some of the most difficult times in building my business, I listened to guided meditations every single night before I fell asleep. (Now I create my own.) Guided meditations will reprogram your subconscious so that you become aligned with your Divinely-given vision.

There are so many beautiful guided meditations. We just had a whole bunch offered in the JV Giveaway, Your Divine Biz Gifts. They are powerful, beautiful, and very effective meditations.

When selecting your meditations, try various ones out. See which ones you like and why you like them. What works for you? Then use them. You will discover that your ability to create and receive (and even keep) wealth significantly increases.


4.    Keep a Divine Money Journal. When you pay attention to money, money pays attention to you. When you honor it, it honors you. When you love it, it loves you. (See the correlation here?)

Keeping a Divine Money Journal is lots of fun to do. Get a beautiful journal, and dedicate it to be your Divine Money Journal. Then for a MINIMUM of 30 days, write down all the money that comes into your life. Write down all the gifts, the bartered sessions, the things you sell, the things someone shares with you, the things you find, and the money that people pay you for your services. Write down everything! You will discover that you create far more wealth than you imagined!



5.     Write a love letter to money. Pull out your Divine Money Journal, and write a love letter to money. Tell it why you love it so much. Tell it why you want it to come into your life. Tell it what you want to do with it, how you want to use it to play with, to help and make a difference to others.

Call money into your existence by inviting it in. Then envision it coming into your world, into your business, into your bank account. Don’t let doubt creep in. When you do, you are diluting the energy of your faith.


Part of being a Spiritual Entrepreneur is learning how to manifest and create what you need to get your sacred gifts out to the world.

If you will take care of your business by taking care of your relationship to money, you are going to discover that your business will bring in far more money than it ever could before. Your ability to create money will expand and your ability to receive money will expand.

And it’s easier than you think, because doing these energy techniques are fun (well, except maybe the first one).


Happy co-creating, Divine One!




4 thoughts on “5 Ways Spiritual Entrepreneurs Turn on Their Divine Money Flow”

  1. I love the idea of a Divine Money Journal, Anne, and I am definitely going to try it out. I always tell my Career Coaching clients that they need to update their Curriculum Vitae every 6 months and their LinkedIn profiles at least once a month to get a feel of how much they have really achieved and leverage it for their careers. The journal technique you’ve suggested would serve a spiritual entrepreneur well – we often forget about ourselves while being of service to others.

  2. What do you do when you do everything work suggest but money still elusive? Love to have money to discover myself. Putting food on the table is my priority and I struggle even with all your techniques. Feeling like nothing working as yet. Please help

    1. Hi, Tammy –

      Transforming your relationship to money can be frustrating. And it can take years to really transform – although every little thing you do will make a difference in the long run. My sense is that you are succumbing to your fears and beliefs that there isn’t enough. How can you retrain yourself to KNOW that there is more than enough? Start there.

      Do you have more than enough air? More than enough water? More than enough clothes? Whatever you have more than enough of, give thanks for it. Focus on that. Focus where you DO have plenty. (Do you have a library? Go to the library and give thanks for all the abundance of books that YOU can access when you want!)

      When you do these exercises, you begin to see that there IS more than enough, and you begin to draw more than enough into your experience, over and over. But you do have to choose.

      There are an abundance of tools to help you do this – start looking for them. Invest in them, with time and money. (You can access meditations very inexpensively online, or even free. We just had a whole lot of them in the joint venture giveaway – all for free.) This does work. You just have to do it over and over and over and over and over… and over again. You are retraining the way you think. You are retraining your energy. It’s a process, sweetie. Give yourself the time (and the gift) to do that.

      Big hugs, Anne

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