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When you are building a spiritual – or a Divine business, it is so important to understand the many parts and processes a business requires.  Last week, I asked my Divine peeps “What are your two biggest challenges when it comes to building your spiritual business?” 

You see, I know what I’ve heard from lots of you over the years, and I know what I faced (and still face!) as I’ve grown my business. 

Given that we are starting up with the new class, Tap Into Your Divine Business, I wanted to be absolutely certain we’re covering things you want and need.  Not things I think you need.  🙂 

And because of what you shared, we now have a good structure for our class.  Here are the topics we will be covering:

Week 1 – Divine Money Attraction

Week 2 – Divine Client Attraction

Week 3 – Divine Visibility  (Authentic Marketing)

Week 4 – Divinely Courageous  (Offer Your  Services)

By the way, if you think you don’t have any fears or limiting beliefs on these topics, then good for you!  But if you wonder if maybe you have some but aren’t sure, then here’s something that can help you determine if this class is right for you:

1.  Close your eyes and say to yourself  any of the following:

      a.  “I’m a money magnet!”

      b.  “I have all the clients I want!”

      c.  “I LOVE marketing my work and having everyone see it!”

2.  Ask yourself:  “How true does this feel?”

3.  Rate your feeling/belief.  On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest truth factor and 10 is the most true.

4.  If you’re anything below an 8, you’ll want to be in the class.

Actually, you need to be in the class.


Here’s the thing:  you have nothing to loseIt’s free. 

It is a small investment of your time for a very large potential return. 

It’s a very small investment of your time, so that you can make the difference you want to make. 

Oh yeah, and make money doing it.

Gift11-smThat sounds pretty darned good to me. 


Care to join me?   If so, click on the link (words) below:


Tap Into Your Divine Business


So here’s what you all said.  (By the way, I’m not sharing people’s names because I didn’t ask their permission to publish their name.)  There are alot of similarities among the challenges, wouldn’t you agree?  And all of them are essential to creating a solid, healthy business.

1.   Not knowing enough

2.   Not being confident enough

3.   Don’t communicate well

flourish small

My two most challenges are the financing to start my business and fear of losing my job. Help me to overcome these.

flourish small

PROCRASTINATION – I want to put guided meditation MP3s on my website and I keep procrastinating on getting my website set up for that; getting my Paypal account updated; buying the background music.

flourish small

What is most challenging for me is that I trust my inner guidance/intuition, act on it, and the results do not manifest. It is like it is a dead end or a block wall. This keeps happening over and over and over again… Thank you… I appreciate YOU!!!

flourish small

1.   One of my weaknesses is procrastination, not always completing a project.

2.   2nd is my Fears or doubts of my business not succeeding, or making a decent living.

flourish small

I find myself so challenged with getting people to attend my workshops. Whenever I put one together, people just don’t register, or worse they register, but don’t show up! It’s really frustrating! I need to know how to fix this!

flourish small

1.   Being an immigrant with no name in a country that doesn’t respond to spiritual, holistic message.

2.   Get enough time to build online business from the scratch in English and Russian with limited investments and give enough time to my family.

flourish small

Please address the issue of feeling guided to take action and then it not manifesting into the desired result!

flourish small

1.   Time balancing

2.  Marketing

flourish small

1.    How to tell if you are genuinely ready to help someoneas in “Am I ‘qualified?’”

2.   Finding a niche that is a genuine match.

flourish small

I’m just not making enough money in my healing business.  I love what I do, but I really don’t like marketing.  If I could just get to the place where I have people come to me that would be awesome!

flourish small

1.   Breaking through my fears and resistance in attracting my first, paying coaching client.

2.   Writing a series of inspiring autoresponder messages for people who join my list and writing attention grabbing subject lines.

flourish small 1.  Getting referrals

2.   Promoting my private practice to other professionals

 flourish small

1.   People who book appointments … and do not show up or call to reschedule without due notice.

2.   People who say they will drop off a check or call you with a credit card and don’t and then make every excuse as to why they are not honoring their commitment.

 flourish small

1.   For me there is the occasional lingering doubt that I can do it. . .

2.   Re-create my lifestyle/business in a new home with very different facilities and placement from where I lived before.

flourish small 1.   My very poor health

2.  After 15 years of counseling for free, I find it sooo hard now to charge a fee!

flourish small

There are a lot of things I know I need to do, but unfortunately, I’m just not doing them. The problem is, if I don’t do these things, I know my business will suffer, because I won’t get the clients I need to get.  But I feel paralyzed sometimes, and I don’t quite know how to get past the paralysis.

flourish small

1.   Inability to clone myself need to be in three places at once.

2.   Time management need to schedule TIME OFF to relax & recharge (it never happens) need to MAKE time to attend to paper work (filing, organizing)

flourish small

1.   Getting myself out there – fear of failure/fear of success

2.   Building my website – aye-yea-yae!!

flourish small 1.   Time. I need more time.

2.   More clients, and want more money. I’m already doing well, but I want to up level everything I do.

flourish small 1.  Getting in front of prospects

2.   Struggling with “lack”: lack of time, lack of inspiration/creativity, lack of clients, lack of income

flourish small

1.   Feeling entitled and safe to have large presence as I step into my innate potential and calling.

2.   I am very weak in my sales ability; it is associated with pushing something onto others they don’t find as valuable as I do.

flourish small

1.   Just started my new business – having the confidence to talk to people about the business and not be to down when they say no.

2.   Funding and the right associates

flourish small

1.   Discomfort/resistance/fear/whatever and

2.   Growing my list with ideal clients that have a desire to buy

flourish small

1.   Romanian mentality (I’m living in Romania, EU)

2.   Local people rejection to the new

flourish small

Finding help with admin. stuff! Ongoing challenge.

flourish small1.   Accessing finances on time for projects

2.   Loss of tools particularly laptops

flourish small1.   Dry spells.

2.   Attendance at my classes.

flourish small

1.   Lack of Focus

2.   Low Energy

flourish small

I cannot think clearly due to the many challenges I’m facing

flourish small

I need clients!  Help!

flourish small

The one thing that puzzles me is when I take an action step that felt “right” as if being guided and even worked in one area (increased names on my mailing list), yet didn’t materialize from a specific event. No one followed through even after several outreach emails and invitations. So the intention I was holding to attract new opportunities to connect with potential clients didn’t happen.

flourish small

1.   Finding funding for start up costs as I have £5000 debt that I cannot get rid of without my business.

2.   Being taken seriously. No one does, and I am constantly being told to be realistic

flourish small

Twice I have been in the flow and found potential great places to start my practice, it’s felt really Divinely inspired… on those two occasions the people who said they would back me up financially changed their minds.

flourish small

It feels like the Universe supports me almost all the way but not quite … (even though I know it’s my own intention and energy) And I can feel my split energy because I find a reason why it wouldn’t have been ideal… thinking there’s gotta be a better option…

I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride and it’s exhausting versus when I surrender and feel calm and peaceful no matter what is happening…

flourish small

I feel very challenged when people say they want to work with me but then don’t pay and make every excuse.

flourish small

1.   Setting up a new business in a town that is completely new to me.

2.   How to steer clear of the “negative” misconceptions some people may have about those of us in this industry? (think the gypsy with her crystal ball, ripping folks off for more and more money to rid clients of “evil spirits” etc.)

flourish small

My biggest challenge as I am starting my business is income.

flourish small

1.   Believing I can have a successful heart centered coaching and facilitation business;

2.   Creating my website-just starting to work on the wording and it’s difficult to articulate what I do

flourish small 

1. I’d love to talk about the art and ability to fully receive. This is a gift I am currently walking through and into.

2. Also, how to let go of what your mind may think is serving you, but God knows better.

flourish small 

1. I have lots of products but don’t know how to put them together as a juicy irresistible sales offer

2. Funding

3. Last but not least Perfection and her BFF Rejection keeps me from showing up in a BIG way.

flourish small1.   Get Clients (paying!)

2.   Organize myself between work & family

flourish small

1.   I know what I would like to do but how would I know if this is indeed my life purpose? How would I intuitively know what I want to do is what I should be doing?

2.   I know I need to up-skill myself a bit more but somehow there always seems to be constraints such as money and time.

flourish small

My biggest challenges are technology & marketing effectiveness and consistency

flourish small

My two biggest challenges are getting full pay clients AND cutting their sessions off after one hour.

flourish small

1.   I would like to have but don’t really feel like I have anything to offer that has not been already.

2.   I also have reservations about being qualified to run a business.

These two things pretty much keep me from even getting started.

flourish small

1.   The biggest challenge has been money, trying to get something up and

2.   Not feeling guilty about spending our retirement money.

3.   And finding a premises to hire for workshops that does not cost too much.

flourish small

1.   Monetary. Getting ahead enough financially to really break loose of the shackles and open this fabulous business!

2.   Monetary: Getting ahead enough financially to pay for hired help with the knowledge of squeeze pages, for a VA, and for more graphics, an improved email format and theme, and such.

flourish small

1.   Building clients/advertising

2.   Getting paying clients when you have no clients

3.   Setting yourself apart from all the rest

flourish small

I really want to do more work online, but I feel very challenged with all of the different methods of marketing my businessI get overwhelmed trying to learn them all, and nothing seems to be working!

flourish small

That’s quite a lot, isn’t it?   We’ll do what we can to get a lot of these issues soothed.  I’m not saying we’re going to get it all done (I’m good, but not THAT good!  :lol:), but we’re going to have fun together clearing out what we can.  And you’ll get to do extra stuff during the week to support what we do together.  Plus, you’ll have a Divine Facebook group to connect with and get extra yummy support from!


So if you want to get some support in getting some of these issues cleared out so you can have a much more effective 4th quarter in your business, get some clients, get some money, do some effective marketing, etc., then let’s …


Tap Into Your Divine Business!



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