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What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?


So, here it is the end of 2009, and we are just about to jump into 2010. How do you celebrate this transition? Do you go out and party? Do you stay home and watch the celebration on TV? Do you actually go to Times Square?


Or do you choose something more meaningful, like a quiet celebration at church? Perhaps participate in a burning bowl ceremony? (A burning bowl ceremony is one in which you write down that which you wish to let go and then burn those pieces of paper.)


For the last 15 years, I have consistently participated in my own little ritual one either New Year’s Eve or, if I’m with family that evening, on New Year’s Day. But I never miss it.




Because it is so powerful. Because it works.


Here is what it is, simple and easy: I write out my intentions for the New Year. Yup, that’s it. I actually sit down and think about what I want to create in the New Year. And I get as specific as I can.


Yeah, yeah, I hear you all thinking, “Yeah, but do you GET everything you write out?”


No, not yet. 🙂 But I do get an awful lot of it in one form or another. And so will you.


Sometimes, when I look at what I wrote the year before, I see how Spirit has brought what I’ve asked for into my life in an entirely different way than I expected it to show up. And if it still isn’t what I want in the way in which I want it, then I am completely willing to tweak my intentions and get more specific.


So, why does this work?


1. We must know what we want in order to receive it.Writing it down helps you to clarify it (and it informs Divine energies of your desires). Writing it down is one way of getting clear, very clear, about what you want.


2. Ask, and it is given. You do have to ask, though. Sometimes, that’s hard to do, because the old programming screams out “You shouldn’t be asking for that! You should just be grateful you have what you have!” Funny thing is, we believe that old stuff … until one day we realize that it’s someone else screaming in our head and that we have the choice to agree with it or to discard it. Of course, our work is to then become aware and to change our thinking. (By the way, I do agree that being grateful for what you have is the first step, but it ain’t the only step!)


3. The more in alignment you are with what you have written down, the quicker it will come to you.This means that the less you have resistance to it, the less you argue in your head with what you’ve asked for, the less you feel guilty or ashamed for asking for what you want, and the more you move into whole-hearted agreement with it … andthe faster you’ll see it show up. (This is really good news.)


4. You will then take actions and be open to the oportunities the Divine provides because you will recognize them as being a part of your path to manifesting your intentions in your life.  Even if you are not alwaysconsciouslyaware of these opportunities, you will be more open to saying “Yes!”to them than you would be had you not gotten clear about what you want.


5. Writing down your intentions is a sign of clarity and commitmentto yourself and to the Divine. You’ve taken some action by writing them down. You’ve gotten clear about what you want.



Your Take Action Steps:


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Sometime, between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, give yourself some serious time. Light a candle or two. Put on some soft music. Light a fire. Relax. Get present to your Divine Self.




Pull out a beloved journal (or a new one), and an easy writing pen. Ask yourself the following questions, and then write your answers down in your journal.


1. If I had a magic wand to wave over my life, how would I want it to be in one year? Be as specific as you can be, and as clear as you can with your answers and look at all areas of your life: your relationships, your finances, your health, your home, your work, your spiritual life, your emotional life.


2. What are three things I can do regularly to support myself in moving into alignment with these desires? (Hint: tapping and using affirmations are easy-peasy things to put into place to support you.)


3. Why do I want this?


4. Where have I asked for and received what I wanted before?


Happy New Year Blessings to you all!


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