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What happens if you don’t build your list?

So what happens if you don’t?
Build your list, that is…

The one thing I’ve noticed about people who have successful, abundant, healthy businesses is this: 

They have a list.

They have a list of people who have raised their hands and said “Yes, I’m interested in what you have to offer, thank you very much.” 

And businesses that have no list? 


No consistency in income.  Few clients.  It’s a struggle to pay bills each month. 

They have no strong, clear way to market their services and products.  The truth of the matter is this:

Your List Health = Your Business’s Wealth

So, how can you grow your list?  There are lots of ways, and most of them are s-l-o-w.  (Trust me, I’ve done them!) 

You can grow your list a few at a time, or you can grow it by tens, or hundreds, or even thousands (!) at a time. (yes, seriously)

Here’s how.  On

Saturday, August 1
1 pm Eastern

you can join me for a complimentary call,

Build Your List Using Joint Venture Giveaways

You will learn exactly how a joint venture giveaway works and how you can start to grow your list – even if you are just starting out!

I have grown my list by over 8,000 people
in just the last 18 months
using joint venture giveaways!

(I even put that statement in bold and centered it so I could really get your attention!)

It’s important because it’s a testament to what’s available for you by using this a joint venture giveaway.  And it’s important, because there is a jv giveaway starting up in just a few days, that YOU can participate in as a joint venture partner!

Interested or curious, even just a little?

Great!  Go to this link below and get registered for the call.  We’ll get you the information right away.

Build Your List Using JV Giveaways

I’ll see you on the call!

Divine hugs,


p.s.  By the way, you are going to get this wonderful checklist, just for signing up for the call.  (In addition, there’s another yummy gift for showing up to the call!  Something you don’t want to miss out on!) 

 p.p.s.  You don’t have to be live on the call; there will be a replay.  I think you’ll want to be, if at all possible, because we will be selecting winners for some juicy prizes!   How fun is that?!

Build Your List Using JV Giveaways 




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